An Urgent Need in Germany

Dudley Spears
Orlando, Florida

Since World War 11 ended, the only congregations established in Germany have been connected with the sponsoring church type of cooperation. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, the first work done in occupied Germany after the war was sort of a "bell sheep" of the sponsoring church movement. However, now there is a group of those who do not endorse or practice this kind of institutionalism.

A conservative group is now meeting in a place called Bad Kreuznach, Germany. It consists of approximately 35 Christians made up largely of military personnel. There are several American military installations in the area. The brethren meet in rented facilities at the present time. Their Lords Day services are at 11:00a.m.and Wednesday night services are at 7:30 p.m.

Bad Kreuznach is approximately 45 miles from Wiesbaden Mainz. It is also in the vicinity of Frankfort am Main. It can be reached easily by several connecting expressway type roads from any point in southern Germany. Further information about the work can be obtained by writing to:

Ist Lt. Clint V. Cooke

HHC, 8tb Ird Div (GI F & M) APO NY 09111

SP. 5.Charles Nieto 56th General Hospital Attn: Registrar Section APO NY 09252

Circumstances are developing now that present those of us who are opposed to liberalism and, institutionalism with a very challenging opportunity. Recently I was In Frankfort and sat in a Bible class of a "liberal" church in Frankfort. They discussed very freely the great problems they are beginning to face among themselves. The teacher lamented the fact that his daughter bad been taught by a preacher at a "youth retreat" in Heidelberg that instrumental music was not wrong. The church in Wiesbaden had a preacher that is regarded by many as extremely liberal in his attitude toward the uniqueness of the church the Lord built and other matters that are in the realm of fundamentals of the faith. Therefore, the liberal brethren are in trouble in Germany, in more was than one.

Is there a man among us who is willing to go to Germany and work among the conservative brethren now meeting in Bad Kreuznach? I realize that I may be letting myself be exposed to criticism, but I add that a man of some experience and considerable ability is needed. I know that many younger and less experienced preachers may be willing to go and may be offended at my suggestion, but I know from personal, first-hand experience that a more seasoned and able man is needed.

Is there a congregation willing to underwrite the expenses of a man who would be willing to go? Again, by way of suggestion, a congregation should be willing to support a man fully and for a considerable length of time. The conservative work there cannot be done in a year or two. It will require several years and much intensive work. I believe there are congregations among conservative brethren who can undertake the full support of a man in Germany.

I plead with all who read these lines to realize that this is an urgent and a serious call. It must not go unheeded. Surely there is a man who will say, "You go and we will bring you on your way. If there is such a man and a congregation, further information can be obtained by writing me personally or writing to brother Bill Gordley. His address is:

B.D. Gordley

USAFPCS, OL 301, Box 6111, APO,NY, 09633


"I can not find one family in Frankfort who has worshipped with a sound group in the states." These are the words Dale Martin and wife, 2267-BR Heugel Housing Area, work phone, Frankfort Military 6319. Have Christians in Frankfort contact Dale Martin or send names -and addresses to him at HQ ESR, Box 297, APO N.Y. 09101 or to me, A.D. Puterbaugh, 212 E. Oakhill. Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 32548.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XVI: 41, pp. 10-11
August 24, 1972