Book Briefs

Dudley Spears
Orlando, Florida

Earths Most Challenging Mysteries

After I read through this recent release of Baker Book House, I handed it to a public school teacher who has had many years of experience teaching science to elementary school children. Her comment was, "Every parent should have one of these books and read it often to their children." She also thought it a good book to fill any teachers library shelves.

This is a book dealing with some of the scientific mysteries that are uncovered by students of our universe from time to time. Reginald Daly, the author, is a man that is very well qualified to mix with scientists on questions pertaining to the physical aspects of the universe. He was instructor in physics at the Missouri School of Mines. He also taught mathematics and physics at such colleges and universities as Bradley University, Western Illinois University, University of Grand Rapids, Ely Junior College, Mankato State College, Washington State University and Chico State College.

Daly deals with the seven mysteries listed on the front cover of the book, which are, The Origin of Life, The Cause of the Ice Age, Canyons and River Valleys in the Sea Floor, Six-Mile-Deep Ocean Trenches, The Formation Of Mountains, Fossil Graveyards in Siberia and Marine Fossils on Mountaintops. But these are only general topics that allow the author to delve into literally hundreds of problems that bewilder and confuse many scientists. As stated in the foreword, there are over 60 theories attempting to explain the ice age with no satisfying answer. There are over 25 theories that have been proffered by scientists trying to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Daly begins this book with a negation to the theory of evolution. He strikes at the godless theory by a careful examination of the manner in -which the evolutionists try to patch up their gaps in the ragged theory. By direct quotations from recognized authorities in the scientific world, Daly clearly draws the issue between the creationist and the evolutionist. Then with unassailable logic and rhetoric he shows the failures of those who teach that man evolved out of lower forms of life. Oddly enough, many people think of the "missing link" in terms of some half-man, half-ape sort of being, but Daly shows all the links that evolutionists must produce in order to make their theory acceptable to honest and intelligent people.

This book is not merely a negation. It is a positive affirmation of the credibility of the creationist view. Daly piles historical evidence upon historical evidence to show that the Biblical account of the flood is geologically accurate. He quotes from many sources to show that "the early aborigines of nearly every country of the world have preserved records of the universal flood." He also shows evidence to validate the Biblical record of the tower of Babel and its connection with the flood. He concludes, "The cumulative evidence furnished by all these records of the flood from so many independent sources serves to establish the flood as a historical fact." (page 59).

Time and space forbid a detailed review of this book, but just a word should be said about some physical features of the book. For one thing it is a very readable book. Some books are printed with very small type, but this one has print large enough to make it quite easily read. Also, it is a medium length book that does not take too long to read, yet is a large enough book to challenge the serious student. It is very well arranged and documented.

In these days of skepticism and unbelief, every Bible student should take advantage of everything that will help one be qualified to do battle with the forces of atheism and evolution. This book is certainly a must on the list of anyone interested in equipping himself for such a fight. You may order your copy or copies today through our bookstore.

November 9, 1972