Mason Harris
Newbern, Tennessee

Growth is a natural law of life. When things stop growing, they begin to die. Someone summed it up by saying in reference to fruit, "It is either ripe and rotting, or green and growing." And so it is with reference to man.

Growth means progress and development, and one of the greatest responsibilities placed upon man is that of his personal development. The Bible says, "Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men" (Lk 2:52). As His faculties expanded and His opportunities of manifesting character were multiplied, Jesus developed all that was admirable in the sight of man and of God. His development was as natural as it was perfect.

It is said that He kept on increasing in wisdom-that is, He developed mentally. He also continued to increase in stature-that is' an increase in age and physical development. But more than this, He increased in favor with God and with men. Here are spiritual and social development. No person can consider himself a well developed individual unless he has shown proper growth in these four areas of his life: that is, mental, physical, spiritual, and social.

Research discloses that the average person never discovers more than 25-35 percent of his potential. If these figures are even close to being correct, they reveal a frightening difference between the average man's growth potential and his present performance level.

In Texas, years ago, almost all the oil came from surface operations. Then someone decided there were greater sources of oil deeper down. A deeper well was dug-down to five thousand feet. The result? A gusher! Toc, many of us are operating on the surface of our human potential, and the result is this: We never operate at our best.

We need to dig deep within ourselves, find our unused abilities, and then begin a well-balanced program for personal growth and development. Then, when at last we have reached full growth and maturity, our soul will be prepared for immortality and eternal life.

July 26, 1973