Having Trouble Over Baptism?

Randall Mark
Hamilton, Massachusetts

On page 9 of the June 14, 1973 issue of Truth Magazine, brother James W. Adams wrote concerning me, "He admits in private discussions with friends that 'baptism gives him trouble.' " This charge is untrue, misleading, and damaging to my personal reputation, and I hereby request a retraction from brother Adams and Truth Magazine.

The only trouble I am having over baptism is the circulation and publication of this false rumor. The unnamed friends who allege that I have been admitting this to them need to publicly identify themselves and substantiate their statements with the time, place, and context of the discussions. In case they honestly misunderstood or forgot something I may have said, I hope these friends will talk to me first.

I believe (and have always believed) that baptism (immersion in water) is necessary for the forgiveness of sins. I have no more difficulty reconciling this conviction with the biblical doctrine of salvation by grace through faith than did Peter and Paul (Peter 1.3-9; 3:21; Ephesians 2.8-9; 5.25-26). If brother Adams had contacted me concerning my convictions on baptism, I would have told him so.

If anyone is truly concerned to know or discuss my understanding of baptism, they may obtain their information first-hand by addressing me at 199 Bridge St., S. Hamilton, Massachusetts 01982 or calling me at 617-774-8539.

September 27, 1973