A Very Fruitful Journey

Jim Sasser
Rogersville, Alabama

Brother Leslie Diestelkamp and I have just returned (Feb. 15th) from a very fruitful six weeks of labor in Nigeria, West Africa. We feel that much was accomplished during this short period of time. We thank God for strength, health, and safety.

We spent 43 full days in Nigeria. I preached 63 times and Brother Diestelkamp spoke 70 times. We preached in 90 different congregations, plus the times that we preached outside on the streets of the towns and villages. We were able to reach people from over 200 congregations. Our largest audience numbered 972 souls. We traveled 4000 miles by car over some very rough roads. We traveled over 14,000 miles by air going and coming. I changed lodging places, packing and unpacking my bags, 12 times. Brother Diestelkamp moved 15 times. We worked in 7 of the 12 states of Nigeria. Plus all of this, we had many private discussions with preachers and others.

We were tired at the end of our journey, but very happy that we were able to accomplish so much in such a short time. Our emphasis on this trip was to strengthen the weak and encourage the strong among the brethren. We believe that this was accomplished.

Brethren, we have received many worthy requests from preachers that need support. If any congregation or individual desires to help in this needy field, please contact me or Brother Diestelkamp and we will furnish you with names and addresses. We are thankful to God for brethren that care and give.

Truth Magazine, XVIII:21, p. 2
March 28, 1974