Bryan Vinson, Jr.
Aurora, Illinois

Truth Magazine Begins Second Year

This issue of Truth Magazine marks the beginning of our second year of publication. We f eel we are able to look with much pride over the accomplishments of the past year. Our subscription list has continually increased, and the size of Truth has increased from twenty pages plus cover to twenty-four pages plus cover. As we begin the publication of this second volume we plan even greater advancement. We hope to see our list of subscribers grow more and more. You can help us! Don't forget to renew, . . . and while you're doing that, how about sending a gift subscription to a friend. If we can increase our circulation as we expect to, you will see an extra four pages in Truth Magazine before Volume Two is completed. Will you help us???

Woods-Diestelkamp Discussion Planned

As this issue of Truth goes to press it looks as if we will definitely have a written discussion beginning in two or three months. As many of you may recall, Bro. Leslie Diestelkamp made an appeal (May, 1957 issue, pages 2, 3) for someone to affirm "that the church, from its treasury, is scripturally authorized to care for the world's needy to the extent of its ability." After reading the article, Bro. Guy N. Woods, evangelist, who is a staff writer for the Gospel Advocate, replied with the following letter:

August 15, 1957.

Dear Brother Diestelkamp:

Lately a copy of an article by you, entitled, "Forced 'Conclusions," has been forwarded to me, in which I note an offer on your part to engage in a written debate to be carried in your paper on whether the church sustains any obligation in the field of benevolence toward those not members of the body of Christ. I think I might be interested in such a discussion with you, provided there are no hidden conditions, and an equitable arrangement, touching length and number of articles may be agreed on. If you are disposed to do what you offer to do in this article, please advise me, together with what length of articles you have in mind, and number, and perhaps we can get together in the matter.

Every good wish,

Faithfully yours,

(Signed) Guy N. Woods

At the writing of this editorial, a great deal of correspondence has been exchanged, and it looks as though the discussion will begin shortly. With this in mind, I believe every present subscriber will want to renew and make sure he does not miss a single installment of this timely discussion. The exact wording of the propositions will follow in next month's issue.

Truth Magazine II:1, p. 2
October 1957