Resolutions for the New Year

Bryan Vinson, Jr.
Aurora, Illinois

This time of year (as is any time of year) is an appropriate time to make some "resolutions." I suggest the following for your consideration:

1. I will study my Bible each day. There are in any different ways to increase your knowledge of God's Word. We may listen closely to, the preaching of the Gospel; we may study in one or more

Bible classes that are conducted from week to week; we may engage in discussion groups in the homes of various members of the church; or, we may engage in a systematic study in the privacy of our homes. All of these programs are beneficial, and one is not designed to replace the others. The Christian who is keenly interested in learning more about the Bible is the one who, will avail himself of all of these opportunities. But too often the daily study of the Bible in the home is "pushed aside," and "postponed" because of "lack of time." Resolve to allot time every day of this year to study in this manner. And be sure your stud), is systematic! I have heard people boasting of studying daily by allowing the Bible to fall open where it will, and then read a chapter. This is not good. It provides no continuity of thought. Choose a book. Read and study a chapter a day. You will be greatly blessed if you do.

2. I will teach others about Christ. If a man is trul converted to Christ, he will feel "compelled to tell others the "Wonderful Story of Love." It is a great blessing to know the truth; but the "truth" may well condemn those who receive its blessings and refuse to tell others about such. Purpose to tell a minimum number of people about the crucified Son of God during the year 1958.

3. I will attend church services regularly. The local congregation is only as strong and active is people like yourself choose to make it. There is too much "absenteeissm" among the ranks of the Lord's army! Members should feel a strong obligation to attend all of the services and activities of the local congregation. Do your part.

4. I will give as I have been prospered. The church is suffering everywhere because its members are not giving as they should. I know of manv localities which need financial support in order that the Cause of Christ might be firaily planted. I am too pessimistic to believe that everyone will do their part this year, but I hope that you will. Plan now to give generously that the Gospel might be preached, souls saved, and churches planted in needy areas.

5. I will help those in need. Many of us are blessed with some abundance. We are not rich, but we do not suffer. But many of our brethren are in need. This was true in Jerusalern soon after the church was established. When those that "had" learned of those that "had not," they sold their abundance that the needs of those that "had not" could be supplied. Let us purpose to be our brother's keeper. Let us do good unto all men, and especially unto those of the household of faith. We can obey this command as individuals.

Of course "resolutions" are not worth the time it takes to think about them if we do not zealously work to carry them out. Resolve, pray, and work!

New Staff Writer

James P. Needham of Bellaire, Texas (Houston suburb) joins the staff of TRUTH Magazine with this issue. Bro. Needham is a faithful preacher of the Gospel of Christ, and an experienced writer. Up until recent months he edited and published his own monthly journal, BIBLE BULWARKS. I consider the addition of Bro. Needham to the staff as another mark of progress for TRUTH Magazine. He will, according to present plans, edit the A MEDLEY OF MATTERS column each month.

Billy Boyd to Move

This is not supposed to be the news column TRUTH, but I do wish to call to your attention the plans of Bro. Billy Boyd and family to move to St. Paul, Minnesota after the first of February. Bro. Boyd, a staff writer for TRUTH Magazine, has been working with the congregation in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and he knows well the meaning of the term "mission field." He is not moving to a "softer" place; he is pushing farther north into the "cold country" where churches are few and far between to continue his efforts of preaching the Gospel. May God be with him and his family in the new work, and may we all remember them in our prayers!

Huffard-Weaver Discussion

Word has just been received that final arrangements have been made for a discussion between Elza Huffard, preacher for the Northwest church of Christ in Chicago, and Richard Weaver, preacher for the Grand Ave. church of Christ in Chicago. The following propositions are to be discussed:

No. 1. The Scriptures teach that the church, from its treasury, may contribute to any needy people of ihe world as well as saints or brethren.

I affirm - Elza Huffard

I deny - Richard Weaver

No. 2. The Scriptures teach that the church, from its treasury, must confine its benevolent work to needy saints or brethren.

I affirm - Richard Weaver

I deny - Elza Huffard

No. 3. The Scriptures teach that the church, from its treasury, may contribute to help build and maintain such institutional orphan homes as Shults. - Lewis Chilren's Home and School, Inc.

I affirm - Elza Huffard

I deny - Richard Weaver

No. 4. The Scriptures teach that the church may send funds, from its treasury, to a benevolent organization only when that organization does not receive funds from congregations to build or maintain the institution and only when such funds constitute payment for services rendered in providing for those for whom the congregation is responsible.

I affirm - Richard Weaver

I deny - Elza Huffard

These Discussions will take place on the nights of January 27, 28, 30, and 31. They will be conducted in the meetinghouse of the Grand Ave. church, located at 3679 W. Grand Ave., Chicago 51, Illinois.

Visitors from out-of-town are encouraged to attend, and sleeping quarters will be provided, for as many as possible, by local members. I suggest that you contact Bro. Weaver at the above address for advanced arrangements.

I encourage all members to attend, if possible, and studv "both" sides of these important issues. (And there really is more than one side.)

Truth Magazine II:4, pp. 2-3
January 1958