Bryan Vinson, Jr.,
Aurora, Illinois

New Clubs

Many new names have been added to the subscription list of TRUTH Magazine during the p a s t several weeks, but many more are needed. Manv brethren from different parts of the country h a v e submitted clubs of ten or more subscribers in order to get the special rate of $2.25 per subscriber, and to receive a 'bonus" gift of a free book. Why don't you help us in this way. Send TRUTH to your friends who are members of the church.

New Type Collection Plate

A clipping from some newspaper has reached my desk. I find the content thereof very interesting. It reveals that some preacher has a new invention he is working on. It is a new type collection plate. If a member of the congregation drops in a dollar there is no sound. 25 or 50 cents makes a small tinkling noise. 5 or 10 cents rings a bell, a penny or so rings a gong. And, if someone drops in a button, the thing will take their picture. Personally, I think it would have wide circulation. However, with our brethren it would probably result in "instrumental music."

The Conscience

The conscience is a built-in feature

That haunts the sinner, helps the preacher.

Some sins it makes us turn and run from,

But most it simply takes the fun from.

-(Chicago Tribune)

In Defense of TRUTH

I suppose it becomes the task of an editor to "speak-up" in defense of that which he edits. I have hoped that false and misleading statements concerning this journal w o u I d never appear. But they have. TRUTH has been accused of being hobbyistic. It has been accused of being an organ partly responsible for unrest and division in certain areas. It has been accused of being against orphans' homes, homes for the aged, and church co-operation.

I will make my defense brief and two-fold. First, as to TRUTH being "opposed" to orphans' homes, etc., I will attempt to reclarifv the purpose of TRUTH Magazine. It was designed to be a niedium through which brethren could express what they believe to be the truth as it is in Jesus. Some brethren, and not as few as some seem to think, do oppose certain arrangements now being utilized for the care of the needy. A few of these brethren have so taught through the pages of this journal. However, I do not know of any of them who are opposed to "co-operation" or caring for needy people. These brethren have utilized TRUTH Magazine to set forth what they "believe to be the truth as it is in Jesus." Other brethren, who believe these present arrangements to be scriptural (including some who have issued, these accusations through church bulletins and other periodicals) have been invited to set forth their beliefs. If such policy is journalistically unjust I would appreciate proof thereof. Our pages are still open for discussion conducted in the proper spirit. Such will not divide faithful and zealous brethren. It will encourage them to to study and find that answer which they are ready to give unto those who ask.

Secondly, as to TRUTH being "hobbyistic," no discerning reader would agree. I have before me now a copy of Bound Vol. I which has just been received. It covers the twelve issues from October 1956 through September 1957. It contains approximately 108 articles (plus news reports and reports on the work of the church in certain areas) and only I I of these could be accused of dealing with current issues on orphans' homes, co-operation, etc. Less than one per nionth average! Is that hobbyism ? I rather suspect that other periodicals published by brethren and designed to instruct Christians, which these accusers would consider good and nonhobbyistic, would be unable to claim such a proportion in content. I do not set forth this statistic boastfull~v. Perhaps there should have been more published on these subjects. However, it has been our purpose from the beginning of this effort to be fair, allow both sides to be fairly presented, keep bitterness out, and maintain a balance between controversial and non-controversial material in each issue. Have we failed? I will leave it to the discerning reader to decide.

Truth Magazine II:5, pp. 2-3
February 1958