"Hal March Apologizes" to the Roman Catholics!

Luther W. Martin
St. James, Mo.

Although this writer has no TV set in his home, he has been told by several viewers of the Catholic pressure that was brought to bear upon the Producer and the Staff of the TV Program, the "$64,000 Question."

It seems that some weeks ago, a young man was being questioned on the program, concerning Bible subjects. Eventually, he was asked to name the BROTHERS OF JESUS CHRIST. He immediately did so, as any Bible reader can verify, by reading for themselves, the following passages: Matthew 13:55, wherein James, Joses, Simon and Judas are listed by name; Mark 6:3, wherein the same four are mentioned along with references to SISTERS of Jesus. Mark 15:40 also lists Joses, James the less, and Salome, as children of Mary.

Paul in his letter to the Galatian Christians mentions "James the Lord's brother," (Gal. 1 :19), while Jude in his Epistle writes: "Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James." (Jude 1.)

Anyway, to get on with my story, the young man correctly and successfully answered the Bible question, and was awarded the promised amount of money.

Now, however, the plot thickens Roman Catholic influence begins to be exerted upon the TV Production . . . FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS!!

1. Catholicism had invented a doctrine to the effect that all infants are born into the world in a state of sin. Which, incidentally, the New Testament does NOT teach or support! (See Matt. 18:1-5.)

2. In the light of this (false) Catholic doctrine, Christ could not have been born into the world in a sinless state, since Mary, His mother had been born with sin upon her . . . we repeat, according to this false Catholic idea. Therefore, IN THE YEAR 1854, the Roman Church announced as an infallible doctrine, the 'Immaculate Conception' of Mary, which in effect teaches that her soul was never stained with this idea of 'original sin' (which the Catholics had invented anyway.)

3. Next, however, if Mary was completely free from this 'original sin,' as their 1854 declaration asserted, then she would never have submitted to a man, such as Joseph, to be the father of her other children. Hence . . .Mary must not have had any other children. . .THE BIBLE TO THE CONTRARY NOTWITHSTANDING!

4. But, since (The Catholics had so declared her) she was without sin (As her Divine Son actually was without sin) she should then have ascended to heaven as did her Son. Hence, in the year 1950, the Roman Church announced that Mary had 'bodily ascended to heaven' . . . and that they (the Roman scholars( ? ' ) )

had known it all along! This 1950 declaration is called the Dogma of the Bodily Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

So, you see, all of these Catholic myths stand or fall, with the keeping of the world in as much ignorance as possible, of the fact that the Holy Bible names four brothers (half-brothers, actually) of Jesus, and also gives the name (Salome) of one of His sisters.

The New Testament Was Written In Greek!

The Roman Church alleges that the Hebrew language had no word for 'cousin,' but lumped brothers and cousins all together under the one Hebrew word for 'brother.' Therefore, say they, when the New Testament mentions 'brother,' it actually means cousin. IF THIS BE THE CASE, THEN THE GREEK VERSION OF THE BIBLE IS INCORRECT AND FALSE!

Actually, the Greek New Testament was the original New Testament, and the inspired writers wrote as they were INSPIRED of God. Thus, when Catholicism says the New Testament word for 'brother' should be 'cousin,' she is guilty of doubting the INSPIRATION OF GOD'S WORD.

The Greek Words For Brother and Cousin!

Luke 1:36 "Thy COUSIN Elizabeth." SUGGENES is translated COUSIN.

Luke 14:12 "When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends (PHILOUS), nor thy brethren (ADELPHOUS), neither thy kinsmen (SUGGENEIS), nor thy rich neighbors (GEITONAS). . ." Please note the various and different Greek words used to signify the various and different words used to signify the various relationships. The N.T. was written in GREEK . . . and there WERE different words used therein to signify the different family relationships!

In Matt. 4:18 and 21, the word ADELPHOUS is used to describe the relationship of Simon and Andrew; and, James and John as BROTHERS!

ADELPHOS in some form is translated 346 times as BROTHER, while SUGGENEIA in some form, is translated as COUSIN, KIN, KINSFOLK OR KINSMAN, in 15 different instances.

"Hal March's Apology"

It is pitiful for the American TV viewers to have to observe the lack of stamina and 'backbone' on the part of artists and performers, when the concerted pressures and efforts of the Roman Church are brought to bear. Of course, it may be, that the gentlemen in question, did not know but what the Catholic Church was teaching the truth. Nevertheless, it is a sad commentary upon the nobility of mankind, whenever anyone APOLOGIZES FOR HAVING EXPRESSED THE TRUTH!!

Truth Magazine II:5, pp. 17, 19
February 1958