Do You Believe It?

Carrol R. Sutton
Peoria, Illinois

Do you believe "that the local congregation of the church of Christ is all and the only organization authorized to carry on Christian work or worship, and that such organization excludes each and every other organization, for the purpose of conducting or carrying on religious work or worship, whether the same be missionary or otherwise?" If you do not believe the foregoing statements, you are not a "loyal member" of the "Church of Christ" and would not be qualified to serve on the Board of Directors of BOLES HOMES according to the Charter of Incorporation. (See Article VII.) However, If you do believe them (the foregoing statements), you are an "anti" that preaches "anti-ism and hobby-ism" and you ought to be "marked" and "avoided" as one that is a "church buster" according to man), who defend churches that build and maintain benevolent societies such as BOLES ORPHAN HOME, etc.

Incidentally, brethren, did an "anti" draw up the Articles of Incorporation of BOLES ORPHAN HOME? WHAT'S NEXT? BRETHREN, WE HAVE DRIFTED!

Truth Magazine II:5, p. 24
February 1958