Bryan Vinson, Jr.
Aurora, Ill.

Debate Begins

The anonymous discussion on the benevolent work of the church begins in this issue. Both of the disputants are qualified men who are writing according to their convictions. Their identity will be unpublished, at least for the duration of the discussion. They are also unknown to one another. This should help to keep the debate on a high level, and enable the reader to study without the presence of personality conflict.

Our "extra" copies of this issue are deflintely limited. Many, undoubtedly, will want to subscribe now and receive this issue in order to have the complete debate. If you desire to do this, we urge you to subscribe today before our "extra" copies are exhausted.

Free Booklet

The article "Some Facts Concerning Current Issues" which appeared in the January issue of TRUTH is currently being produced in booklet form. These booklets will be made available, free of charge to both individuals and churches who request them. However, it would be appreciated if those interested would share the expense of mailing.

Dangers of Popularity

Elsewhere in this issue Bro. James P. Needham calls our attention to the dangers involved in becoming too popular in this world. He cites the example of Pat Boone. He is not writing to make a personal "attack" on this young man. This article is made necessary by the appearance of undue publicitv which has made Pat a "personification" of all that is good in Christian living. We ask you to read it carefully and beware the dangers that are before our youth.

Addresses. . . . Please ? ? ?

I would like to have all the names and addresses of friends or relatives who now live in the North who are supposed to be members of the church, but who you feel are unfaithful in attendance. I will pass these names and addresses on to the preachers in the particular communities, and this will help all of us in an effort to contact those who are not faithful. Just send names and addresses to Bryan Vinson, Jr., P. 0. Box 469, Aurora, Ill. Thanks in advance!

New Books

We now have copies of the new The Harvest Field. This book, just off the press, gives the latest information about the work of the Church in various mission fields throughout the world. It sells for $3.50, and is ready for immediate delivery.

A reprint of seven sermons bv the late R. Milligan has made possible the production of A Brief Treatise on Prayer. This book beautifully bound and sells for only $1.25.

Leroy Brownlow has just published a new sermon outline book Sermons You Can Preach. Those familiar with his other publications will want to receive a copy of this new one. Those who have never seen his other books would do good to order a copy of this new one. The price - $2.50.

A booklet for newly married couples What Therefore God Have Joined Together - is available for 60c.

Bible Songs for Children, compiled by Robert A. Hawkins, is now available for 25c. This would be very useful in Bible class work and Vacation Bible School.

Teaching to be Saved is a new course in teacher training arranged by J. W. Andrews. It is priced at 50c.

Sarah's Daughters is a new book by Kitty Jones Culwell. Sis. Culwell is a faithful member of the Lord's body who has for years taught women about their responsibility before God. This book is concerned with Bible women. Many lessons are presented from the stories of women of old. Every woman should read this book. The price - $3.50.

All of the books mentioned above are available. Order them from TRUTH Magazine, Box 469, Aurora, Ill.

Truth Magazine II:6, pp. 2-3
March 1958