'Deep Throat' or Florida College

William R. John
Racine, Wisconsin

While after reading this article one would like not to think so, it nevertheless must be admitted that the University of Wisconsin is a fair representation of most state colleges and universities. State schools of higher learning have for some time supported such things as the Theory of Evolution, and certain atheistic philosophy, while easing into the realm of support for immorality as is represented by their "co-ed dorms." However let us understand that these fortresses of ungodliness not only tolerate immorality, but produce it to the satisfaction of all who may have attached themselves to these citadels of Satan.

The following is an editorial taken from the Racine Journal Times of Sunday, November 24, 1974. It is entitled "Deep Throat on UW campus" and I quote the entire article.

"Deep Throat", one of the most pornographically graphic films of all time, recently was shown on the University of Wisconsin Madison campus.

Students cheered the film's star, Linda Lovelace, applauded the racier scenes and shouted verbal encouragement to the actors as they engaged in extremely naughty sex acts.

The film was sponsored by the UW Lecture Society in the Social Science building classroom. About 2,500 adults of all ages saw "Deep Throat", including students, faculty and clergymen.

It appears that the new morality (or immorality) has become so accepted on campus that practically anything goes.

One might have expected at least some objection about the showing of a porno film in a university classroom. But there wasn't one protest. Not one.

As each day passes, the responsibility of bringing up my children becomes more and more difficult because of the worldly influence upon all of my family. As I am responsible for the "nurturing and admonishing of my children in the Lord" (Eph. 6:4), it is also my responsibility to provide and secure the alternate to the "Deep Throat" attitudes and atmospheres which prevails upon our society. In the area of higher learning, Florida College is an alternate. In fact, as far as I am concerned, the only alternate in this particular area of my children's growth.

There are some who would contend that I have no need or right to help establish or support that alternative. Needless to say, their voice becomes softer and softer in my ears and they are drowned out by the wound of sin which would kill the souls of my children, although the voice of my responsibility as a parent is louder than any because it comes from God's word.

Before we send our children off to die under the influence of the likes of "Deep Throat," we had better think more seriously about our parental responsibility. You and I do have a choice. Florida College, I believe, is the only choice (in higher education) that we have. The choice is yours and mine. Will it be "Deep Throat" or Florida College? Surely we can make the right decision.

Truth Magazine XXI: 6, p. 85
February 10, 1977