"We Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made"

John McCort
Greencastle, Indiana

The psalmist David exclaimed, "I will praise thee; for I am fearful and wonderfully made" (Psa. 139:14). As scientists continue studying the human body, they are discovering how intricate and well-organized the human body actually is. Scientific technology has been able to point out the fact that the human body is not a chaotic, disorganized mass but is a very well designed and well organized object.

The evidence of design has been magnified by some recent research done on the human eye.

The human eye is such a wonderful optical instrument that it has long been pointed to as an organ too complex to have evolved by chance. Recent research has served to re-enforce this argument. Experiments have been conducted to determine the ultimate sensitivity to light of the human eye. The amazing result is that an eye may be stimulated by as little as six quanta of light. A quantum of light is an extremely small amount of electromagnetic energy. It is the smallest packet of energy of which light consists. It is the ultimate in smallness. The research results indicate that the alteration by light of only two or three molecules in the eye results in the brain receiving an impression of light. This is as close to ultimate sensitivity as can be desired. This incredible sensitivity is evidence of the high level of perfection of nature. However, still more remarkable is the fact that two or three molecules must be affected to produce a sensation of light. Sometimes molecules break down spontaneously. If the brain did not require the coincidental breakdown of two or three, the brain might be deceived by false impressions of light coming from the accidental death of a molecule instead of the arrival of a quantum of light. How likely is it that this wonderful organism was produced by a series of lucky accidents? The odds against it are staggering (Paul Zimmerman, Darwin, Evolution, and Creation, p. 93).

The evidence of supreme design is found everywhere from the vastness of the universe to the most minute particles of matter. Everything is suspended on a delicate balance. How could anybody but a fool say there is no God!

Truth Magazine XXIV: 41, p. 667
October 16, 1980