Dealing With Souls

Wallace H. Little
Corinth, Mississippi

I hear of situations where ambitious preachers fight with elders, and as a result, churches divide. I read of situations where Diotrephes', masquerading as elders, act as lords over God's heritage, to divide it. I learn of situations where stubborn and willful brethren, obstinately "taking the bit in their mouths" decide they are going to have their way, run roughshod over the conscience of other brethren, and the flock is split. I find situations where "she-elders" refuse to follow the Biblical admonition of subjection; indeed, they thrust themselves into positions of control through their spineless husbands, to the splintering of God's local churches. And lest the young people be left out, on several occasions, I have received information of situations involving willful and rebellious younger members of the church deciding they were going to "do their thing" in their personal lives, such as going to dances, social drinking and what not, and the congregations were rent asunder as a consequence. I have heard of situations where unbelieving liberals and modernists have hidden their pernicious unbelief, and working like leaven, created factions, to the dividing of a group of God's saints.

And in all cases, it seems, ". . .think(ing) that he (they) doeth God service" (Jn. 16:2).

When, oh when, will we ever learn that we are dealing with souls?

Truth Magazine XXIV: 49, p. 792
December 11, 1980