No Time To Listen

Jimmy Tuten
Mobile, Alabama

When Martha complained to Jesus that her sister Mary had neglected the housework in order to listen to spiritual teaching, He answered, "Martha, Martha, thou art anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is needful; for Mary hath chosen the good part which shall not be taken away from her" (Luke 10:38-42). How deeply these words should cut into the hearts of many Christians today who fail to choose the good part of life. Too many are "cumbered about much serving" and have no time to listen to the wonderful words of life.

But the men are guilty of this as well as the worldly minded "Martha's." Too often we get so involved in the little things that we overlook the things that really matter. We become "entangled in the affairs of this life" and thus fail to please our Lord (2 Tim. 2:2). We have to have the yard mowed and the house cleaned. We spend much time working out in the garden and washing the car, but what about the Lord? How concerned are we about the time we spend studying His Word and teaching it to others?

Christ did not rebuke Martha for doing her cooking and serving. But she was wrong for putting more emphasis on that than on spiritual matters.

Neither will we be in error by washing the car, mowing the grass, or cleaning the house. The question is, "Which comes first?" Which is more important? Let us not make the mistake Martha made by getting involved in unimportant things to the neglect of the things that really matter.

Guardian of Truth XXVII: 6, p. 208
April 7, 1983