Thinkin' Out Loud: Of Kinky Closets and Catholics

Lewis Willis
Akron, Ohio

Having observed a rather significant shift in public thought during my life-time regarding a question of morality, I decided that something needed to be done to bring the practice of the church into conformity with the thinking of the world about us. The particular issue to which I have reference is the issue of homosexuality. It was my thinking that brethren have assumed a rather arrogant attitude toward the homosexuals of the, world. Brethren have continued to smugly and arrogantly look down their collective noses at the ever-growing crowd of homosexuals around us. The Akron Beacon Journal (6/26/83) referred to the size of this growing segment of society. The paper reported a Sunday "Gay Freedom Day Parade" in San Francisco with 300,000 expected celebrants participating. The National Gay Task force expected 200,000 people "for New York City's 'Gay Pride' March and Rally." New York's Mayor, Ed Koch, had even gone so far as to declare the entire week to be "Gay and Lesbian Pride Week."

It seemed to me that 500,000 people in our society could not just be ignored - it is certainly unthinkable that they should all be condemned. A listener to our radio program sent me a tract published by Last Days Ministries in Lindale, Texas in which the author referred to information published by the David Wilkerson Crusade. Wilkerson, in speaking against homosexuality, noted that homosexual churches now claim 50,000 members. How could 50,000 people be wrong?

Since it is necessary to deal with reality, I assembled several brethren from the area, renowned and respected, to discuss this issue, ala Jerusalem style (Acts 15). Explaining the realities of the situation, they all agreed that a statement should be issued representing our view that homosexuality not be considered "a sinful condition" any longer. We concluded instead, that homosexuals should be accorded compassion and understanding. Furthermore, we decided that we should be less judgmental and not condemn them, exercising care to avoid alienating them from other church members. We concluded that efforts should be made to make them feel welcome in our midst. Therefore, be it known to all brethren that such is the official policy of the church.

Such Things Do Happen

Let me carefully and pointedly assure you that the scenario referred 'to above did not happen! That is, not among God's people! It did happen in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco.

I have before me an article from the Wichita Eagle Beacon (6/11/83), entitled "Homosexuality Not Sinful State, Says San Francisco Archdiocese. " A new report, "approved by Archbishop John Quinn . . . is the official policy of the Archdiocese." The report says "that homosexual orientation 'is not held to be a sinful condition,' although it says the church can never endorse homosexual activity." Catholics were urged to treat their homosexual brethren "with the same compassion and understanding accorded other members of the church." Catholic spokesman Miles Riley said, "We need to be much more non-judgmental and not condemn them or judge them." Riley said the report will guide the clergy so as "to avoid the alienation" of homosexuals; so that "homosexual men and women will feel welcome" and that they "will see themselves as genuinely an important part of the church."

How will such a policy work? Probably like the one David Wilkerson referred to in connection with the Metropolitan Community Church which held a convention in Dallas, Texas not long ago. Wilkerson reported the following in connection with an annual convention they held:

Each delegate, as they registered, was given a packet which included, among other things, two "boy" magazines of all nude men and a list of all the gay bars in Dallas - so that delegates could leave the evening service, go to their selected bar, and connect with a lover for the night., And, those delegates call themselves ,'ministers." How they did sing! They praised the Lord with enthusiasm; but their evangelist corrupted the Gospel beyond comprehension. He said, "Sure, Paul condemned men who changed the natural use and burned one toward another. But that's not us. We didn't change anything. We were born this way. So, come out of your closets. Be filled with the Holy Ghost, and enjoy your homosexuality! "

If this what Catholics want to embrace? Is this what their compassion and understanding buys? Is this what the Catholic church wants to "feel welcome" among them?

Does that make you sick or does that make you sick? To say that homosexuals "have come out of the closet" is an understatement! And, many politicians and supposed religious leaders haven't enough guts to step on the sinful "roaches" when they appear. As noted, Roman Catholicism has thrown down its sword on this subject. Some of our own brethren who preach so loudly about showing understanding and compassion for people who sin if they supposedly know no better are going to find themselves hard-pressed to speak out on this subject. Be aware that some of these creatures get into the church. Some homosexuals sincerely believe that theirs is but an alternate lifestyle into which they were born. They, therefore, deny their practice is sinful. Those who try so hard to accommodate Christians who sin in ignorance, have no basis whatsoever to withhold fellowship from the so-called Christian (?) homosexual. For the life of me, the only posture they can have is one similar to the Catholic position discussed therein.

As for me, I shall continue my attempts to practice what Paul taught when he said, "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them" (Eph. 5:11). 1 shall continue to affirm that sinful relationships involving women with women Oesbians) and men with men (homosexuals) is unseemly error, unnatural and condemned (Rom. 1:27-28). 1 shall not miss an opportunity to inform the effeminate and those who abuse themselves with mankind that their practice is unrighteousness gone to seed and such people shall not inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9). To imply that God sanctions such filth is an insult to Him! Psychologists and some preachers might call it a "disease" but I am committed to calling it what God calls it - sin! God's people would be well advised to do more than shake our heads in disgust when confronted with this junk. Let us not miss a single opportunity to identify it for what it is. No conference of men, political or ecclesiastical, can alter the word of God. Attempts to do so are simply continuing efforts to pervert the Gospel of Christ (Gal. 1:7).

If any homosexual should perchance read this, please do the world a favor and stay in your closet until you have decided to repent of your sin and reform your corrupt life!

Guardian of Truth XXVII: 20, pp. 619-620
October 20, 1983