Modern "Divine" Healing - A Pseudo-Science? (2)

Donald P. Ames
Tampa, Florida

In our last article, we noted some of the Biblical examples of healing and how it compared with the "divine" healing being practiced today. As we continue, our study, let me mention that the bases of the test being conducted is upon the pattern of how to recognize a pseudo-science laid down in T.L. Engles book of Psychology as well as a booklet by George Thorman entitled Toward Mental Health.

Continuing, let us ask our readers if Christ ever failed to perform the miracle he did? The on1y illustration we find of the apostles failure ( Matt. 17:20) was due to their lack of faith, but after the church was established on the day of Pentecost, we find no further mention of my failure by them even. But what about the healers of today? Let's take a look behind the scenes. Several years ago Oral Roberts set up a tent in Amarillo, Texas for one of his revivals. During the service, a Texas wind storm blew down the tent, hurting many and requiring some sixteen to be hospitalized. "Oral Roberts was not able to work even one tiny miracle to heal the broken arms and shattered ribs of the injured." (Bible Proof! Miracles and Healings, by Roy Burgess, p. 29). There is no doubt that they have made many claims to heal, but likewise, there is no doubt that they have failed in many, many instances also. This is often portrayed when they deal with cancer. Oral Roberts healed a woman of cancer, who also testified the X-rays proved she no longer had cancer. Shortly thereafter the film was shown in California, while she died in Chicago of cancer within 12 hours thereafter. (Bulletin Church of Christ, Lincoln, Nebr., Apr. 29, 1956) The same thing also occurred to A. A. Allen, when the man he "cured" died within two weeks (Fake Healers Exposed, by V. E. Howard, p. 37)

But someone says, you are avoiding the testimonies of actual cures. In the Bogard-McPherson debate, a Mrs. Ottie claimed to have been healed of cancer and named two doctors who would affirm her testimony. The first doctor stated he had never examined her for cancer, and to the best of his knowledge, at no time had she even had cancer. The second stated he had used an electric needle to remove some warts onl her face (which Mrs. Ottie claimed were cancers) and told her they would drop off in two to four days. He went on that she had then gone to Mrs. McPherson to be healed, and the warts (not cancers) dropped off as he told her they would. (Boyard-McPherson Debate, p. 47). Again we have just noticed the testimony of a lady who Oral Roberts "healed" and claimed the X-rays proved it, yet died of cancer shortly thereafter. I don't say that all the testimonies are false or wrong, but that many are mistaken, though some have noticed results.

It is a very well known fact that the mind and the body are very closely related. No doubt this accounts for nearly all the cures of paralyzed people, etc., by "divine" healers. During any strong emotional strain, certain glands excrete hormones giving the individual strength he never realized he had. Let's take a look it a few examples where "divine" healers had no part in a miracle. M. Emile Coue, claiming no religion, matched the miracles (?) performed by any "healer" existing, yet all he said was "ca passe" and let suggestion do the rest. "A crippled woman was given the 'ca passe' treatment. In a few minutes she walked off the stage, leaving her crutches behind. The Frenchman then turned to a paralytic man and repeated the 'ca passe' formula. The cure worked aga n - but this time two cripples were benefitted instead of one." (Modern "Divine" Healing Fully Exposed, p. 15). Yet, a healer does the same thing and adds a prayer, and people say he's sent by God. The truth of the matter is simply this, many have never tried to walk again. The disease is not so much in the body as in the mind, and thus the only cure possible has to be done in the mind.

Now let's notice what an emotional strain can do. This, of course, produced extra hormones from the glands. "A man who had been walking on crutches for some time was attacked by a sow as he walked across the hog pasture. He threw down his crutches, outran the sow, and jumped the fence. He never again needed his crutches." (Have Miracles Ceased?, by A. G. Robbs, p. 18). Roy Landis, suffering from infantile paralysis since eight years old, shot a deer and as it faltered into the bush, he dropped his crutches, ran several hundred yards, stopped, returned for his crutches, and carrying them, he continued running after the deer. (Bible Proof! Miracles and Healings, p. 24). Recently I read of a lady bedfast and unable to walk, till her house caught on fire, and then walked down the steps and out of the house. You say that it is easy to tell that it was the fire and excitement which caused these cures. Then why do you refuse to recognize this same fact in cases of "divine" healing? It's not the "healer" but simply the fact you haven't tried.

Truth Magazine III:3, pp. 2, 19
December 1958