Have You Considered F.C.C.?

Donald P. Ames
Tampa, Florida

Every year at this time high school graduates, and some college students begin looking around for a good college to attend. Some of them have high ambitions to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, evangelists, business men, and many other job opportunities. Naturally they are interested in selecting a college which would best prepare, or help prepare them for their particular vocational choice. With this thought in mind, I'd like to pose the question "Have You considered Florida Christian College?"

F.C.C. is located in central Florida, in the outskirts of the city of Tampa, and along the Hillsborough River. Being a smaller college (when compared to some universities, etc.) it has the advantage of a close atmosphere. Friendliness is everywhere evident, and along with the beautiful scenery of the campus, one quickly feels at home. Teachers and students share a unity not realized in many colleges, which also aids in any personal help needed by students.

However, all the appeal of Fla. Christian College does not merely lie in the friendly atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and close teacher/student relationship. F.C.C. has one of the highest academic standards of any junior college in the nation. Statistics reveal students leaving there have been very successful in other schools. Eighty-seven percent of former F.C.C. students have made the same grade or better than they made in F.C.C. (of these, 80% have done better). F.C.C. is well recognized, being a member of, the Southern Assn. of Colleges and Secondary Schools, American Assn. of Junior Colleges, Fla. Assn. of Colleges and Universities, Southern Assn. of Junior Colleges; and it is also well respected for its academic rating. It has been highly recommended to other new schools as the ideal Junior college for them to use as a standard by the associations. Clinton D. Hamilton, dean of F.C.C. also serves as President of the Fla. Assn. of Colleges and Universities, and Roland Lewis, F.C.C. registrar, serves as vice-president of the registrars section of the same. Yet, in spite of high academic ratings, F.C.C. turns down no student interested in a well-rounded Christian education.

As for the Bible department (of which I am most familiar), the school is well organized. The faculty, of this department, as is true of the others also, are all devoted, sincere Christians, and true to the word of God. Included in this branch of teaching are such men as Homer Hailey, Clinton Hamilton, Ed Grantham, Bobby Owen, Harry Payne, and Edgar Srygley. It is my honest opinion a better set of teachers, devoted to the word of God as these, will be hard to find. Rather than the disorganized, utter-lack-of-planning typical of so many colleges, the Bible department at F.C.C. is so arranged as to begin one in the Freshman year and tie in the upper division courses upon the foundation laid earlier. Rather than the hurried surveys of the Bible, time is taken to lay a solid foundation in shorter sections, and hence having a far better over-all outlook of the full picture.

The Bible department, as an outgrowth of the job of the parents (Eph. 6:4), is but one of many departments of the educational program. Also included are such courses as Science, music, math, business, language, English, history, education, and many other preparatory courses. But, some one says, I desire to take courses I would be unable to take there. I again ask, "have you considered F.C.C.?" The college has recently completed arrangements with the University of South Florida, whereby students attending F.C.C. will be able to take courses offered there (not at F.C.C.), and vise versa. Accordingly, students will be able to spend three years at F.C.C., then go right on and get their fourth year and B.A. from the University. This plan begins with Freshmen this year, and will go on to Seniors in the next four years.

These are just a few of many reasons why I highly commend this school to all graduating high school students, and likewise to all students in other colleges now. It is not too late! Why not write now to Florida Christian College, Tampa 10, Florida, for more information on how you can become a student at this institution of high learning, Yes, "have you considered F.C.C.?"

(Note: The above article presents my own views of F.C.C., and was voluntarily submitted. It was not urged, nor suggested by the faculty, administration, etc. It is not just advertisement, but rather an appeal for you to consider what I feel to be a fine college, devoted to principles of education, religion, and better men and women in social, physical, mental and religious fields.-D.P.A.)

Truth Magazine III:9, p. 2, 8
June 1959