Three Excuses

Wayne S. Walker
Medina, Ohio

This article is not intended to be an indictment of all churches and individual Christians in general. But in my personal experience I have seen too many of us sitting around and doing practically nothing in trying to win the lost. How do we attempt to justify ourselves? The three most common excuses for not doing anything are, "It costs too much . . . . It takes too much time. . . . and, It won't work."

Why do we not start a weekly radio program? "Do you know what they charge for air time per minute? It costs too much!" Why do we not mail out a first principles bulletin to the lost in our community? "Don't you know how much we'd have to spend for printing supplies and postage? It costs too much!" In view of the fact that one soul is worth more than the whole world (Matt. 16:26), 1 wonder if anything really costs "too much."

Well, let us try some things that do not cost as much. What about having an extra gospel meeting or two during the year? "Everyone has so much to do. It takes too much time." Let us start a personal work program one night a week. "Everybody is so busy. It take too much time." Since we are to seek God's kingdom and righteousness first (Matt. 6:33) and redeem our time (Eph. 5:16), 1 really doubt that it would "take too much time" to put in a few extra hours to seek the lost.

When all else fails, there is still one excuse left. Someone suggests that we go door to door and try to set up home Bible studies. "People don't want to be disturbed and they aren't interested anyway. It won't work." Somebody else proposes to send a Bible correspondence course to everyone in the local area. "We've tried that before. It won't work." When the gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1: 16), how can anyone claim that "it won't work"?

I realize that we must stay within our budgets when planning our work. I recognize that members do have other obligations at work and home in addition to church-related responsibilities. I know that not all people whom we contact are going to respond favorably. But we must not allow these to become excuses which cause us to throw up our hands and quit. We must continue being active in spreading the truth to others. And if we are truly committed and dedicated to Christ, we will find says to do exactly that!

Guardian of Truth XXX: 22, p. 687
November 20, 1986