An Appreciated Letter

Louis J. Sharp
Little Rock, Arkansas

It has been said, "Great minds run in the same channel." We make no claim for "greatness" - but " kindred minds," quite often do arrive at the same place. Because we are "like-minded," this happened with me and a life-long friend.

Last Mother's Day, I wrote a short article entitled "Childhood Memories of Mother" for our local bulletin. Brother Mike Willis, editor of Guardian of Truth, evidently thought it deserving of wider circulation and ran it in his paper. My friend, Robert L. (Bob) Craig read it, and wrote the following letter, which I print with his permission.

"Dear Louis, I just finished reading your article on your mother, and since I knew her pretty well, I just wanted to say that your article does her justice. I was in one of her classes just as I was in sister Brewer's (my grandmother, US) and another of your aunt's whose name I do not recall at this time (Ruth Dowdey, US). And since my mother died when I was only ten, you might say that 1, too, learned some of what I know at the feet or knee of your mother and your kins people. I wrote a little poem this past Mother's Day that I thought you might appreciate and am sending you a copy."

Last May, both Bob and I were recalling precious memories of our mothers. I am so thankful I did not lose my mother at ten years as he did, but I am gratified that my mother was able to touch the lives of a number of others whom she taught. Bob's letter is a great tribute to her memory. Following is his accolade to his own mother, who was taken in his childhood.

Honoring Mother

I heard a man on TV say,

"A broken heart will go away."

Time will heal

A million things,

But a broken heart

Will still remain.

She was little and pretty,

And very bold.

And I was a lad

Just ten years old.

She doctored my cuts,

Kissed away my tears,

Tended my bruises

And healed my fears.

She slept one night,

And her soul He did take.

A little heart broke,

'Cause she didn't awake.

I'm weary and tired,

And my hair has turned gray,

But time has not healed

The heart broken that day.

Night after night

As I pillow by head,

I think of my mama

And honor the dead.

Truly a beautiful tribute to his mother by brother Craig.

Guardian of Truth XXXVI: 10, p. 295
May 21, 1992