Somebody Lied to Us

We were told that if we would relax about sex, take our clothes off and not get all uptight about it, there would be no more sex crimes. So we let it all hang out and sex crimes and rape have doubled.

We were told that our children need to be taught sex education in the schools to stop the number of illegitimate births in America. So with all the sex education, the number of unmarried teenage girls having babies has more than doubled.

The greatest number of illegitimate births occur in areas where the Planned Parenthood organization is successful in teaching sex education unrestricted by the schools.

We were told that we were too tough on criminals and that if we would go easy on them and be nicer to them, the rate of violent crimes would decrease. So we did, and violent crimes have more than doubled. Crimes will be kept in check when the penalty is at least as severe as the crime.

We were told that our schools must boot God out and rely on enhancing Junior's intelligence. So we kicked God out of our public school system. Now our schools are plagued with crimes and dope.

The students are uncontrollable. The level of education is at an all-time low, and the dropout rate has never been worse. Officials do not know what to do.

Why should they be surprised? They got what they wanted. This is what you end up with in a godless school system. A godless system breeds godless citizens.

They told us we should not spank our children; that we should only speak to them and take away privileges. Yet we have raised up the most unruly, wild and rebellious generation America has known.

Our jails are full. Drug treatment centers are filled to capacity. Family crime has never been worse.

The Bible has the answer to man's problems. It says we should not be slothful in our business. In fact, it says he who does not work -- let him not eat.

It says women should dress modestly. It says do not steal anything - ever!

It says you sleep only with your spouse. It says you do not do what you "want"; you do what you "ought."

The Bible is the inspired Word of God; but even if it were not, it is still the best book for an orderly existence. (Reprinted from Pulpit Helps)

Guardian of Truth XXXVI: 10, p. 299
May 21, 1992