A Letter From Bro. Bales

Editor's Note:

The following letter was received from Bro. James D. Bales. It is self -explanatory. We are glad to hear of his intent to write. We hope he will he able to do so soon.

Searcy, Arkansas

September 28, 1959

Mr. Bryan Vinson, Jr.
Editor, TRUTH Magazine
Box 469 Aurora, Ill.

Dear Brother Vinson:

Please publish the following:

When the pressure of other work and when my health permits me, I may reply to A. C. Grider's review, July, 1959 of my tract, "The Law of Love."

At this time, 1 would like to inquire whether the author and the editor who printed the article believes that it is a part of sound doctrine to sit in judgement on a brother's motives, without presenting facts to justify one's conclusion, and maintain that he is dishonest. Three times brother Grider was unwilling to concede that I did not know any better. He compliments my intellectual attainments at the expense of my integrity.

If he felt that he must do one or the other, I would certainly appreciate his reflecting on my intelligence and understanding rather than upon my integrity. He further accuses me both by direct statement and by implication of using a discussion of orphans as a ruse to enable the colleges to get their hands into the church treasuries.

These charges against me do not bother me personally, however I do view them with sadness because this is but one illustration of a violation of what I consider to be fundamental sound doctrine. There may or may not be some difficult questions concerning orphan homes, colleges, etc, However, so far as I know no one questions the unsoundness of sitting in judgement upon a brother's motives.

In Christian love,

James D. Bales (signed)

Truth Magazine IV:2, p. 23
November 1959