Our Need

Harley E. Amick

No one will admit more quickly than I that we need interstate highways, those long ribbons of concrete that facilitate the movement of traffic and freight from one part of our nation to another. However, we also need wooded roads and lanes lined with trees decked with mosses green and surrounded with wild flowers.

We need radio, telegraph, telephone, giant cats and bulldozers. However, we also need the opportunity of seeing flying geese against the background of a star-lit sky as they wend their way southward and to watch their triumphant return in the spring, after the robin has proclaimed the arrival of flowers is near. A flower is more ingenious than all man's inventions combined.

Unless we come to realize, on a national scale how much we do need these simple pleasures, the time may soon come when they are no longer ours to enjoy. In this highly competitive world in which we must live we need the energies obtained from splitting the atom, but we need a thousand times more to realize that the God of heaven created the atom thousands of years before man even believed it could be split.

We need good literature, scientific text books, magazines and papers dealing with daily problems, but our real need is a diligent study of the Bible, God's word, which teaches us how to live Godly lives and rear our children in the same manner.

The present condition of the world has every nation living in daily fear of guided missiles in the hands of misguided men. Our fundamental problem is not atomic waste in the atmosphere but ungodly debris in the inner-sphere.

May God help us to live such lives of service to him and his church that we will meet the approving look of Christ on eternity's shore and hear him say, "Well done". It then can be ours to live in a realm where there is no fear. This is our real need.

Truth Magazine IV:7, p. 24
April 1960