God And Man In Washington - A Book Review

Gordon J. Pennock
Racine, Wisconsin

God And Man in Washington is another great book authored by Paul Blanshard, who has been called "the dean of American controversy." Mr. Blanshard has spent many years in Washington studying the federal government at work from close quarters. He is therefore among the best qualified men in the nation to write upon the topic that he has chosen.

In this, his latest book, he reviews the entire field of church-state relationship in American politics. He specifically deals with the issues which have shaken Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. He also points out and discusses some of the pressures which are frequently brought to bear upon these institutions by various religious groups, including Catholics, Protestants and Jews, endeavoring at the same tirric to impress upon each its responsibility relative to these matters.

He furthermore deplores the widespread sentiment which pretends that there is 110 religious issue in American politics, as well as the fact that many public leaders "attempt to stifle searching discussion of vital religious political issues by the bland assumption that such discussion is necessarily based upon bigotry, prejudice and hate."

With regard to the queition of whether or not the American people should elect a Roman Catholic as President, Mr. Blanshard submits-with documentation -six official social policies of the Catholic Church which sharply conflicts with the traditional and constitutional policies of the American people. He summarizes his discussion of these points in the following words: "A Catholic candidate cannot have it both ways. If he accepts his Church's six policies literally, he cannot accept the prevailing American concept of the separation of church and state. If he believes in freedom of choice as the foundation of all democracv, he must somehow square that conviction with the system of dictation under which these policies are imposed on Catholics by fiat. If he is faced with searching questions about these six policies, and if he answers them candidly, he will be compelled either to reject the basic principles of American democracy or to assert an independence which his Church's hierarchy will interpret as contrary to Catholic teaching."

The book is thoroughly documented and completely indexed, making it useful as a reference work upon a very timely and important subject. In the reviewer's opinion, every Christian - indeed every American will profit by reading God and Man In Washington.

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Truth Magazine IV:10, p. 226
July 1960