Here's His Proof

A. C. Grider
Louisville, Kentucky

Brother Batsell Baxter, who preaches on the Herald of Truth, was corresponding with brother Sam Snow relative to the Herald of Truth and sent me a carbon copy of his letter to Snow.

Whereupon, I wrote Baxter and asked him to send me scriptural proof of a command, or approved example, or necessary inference of one church sending money to mother church to preach the gospel, or to show me how the Herald of Truth was scriptural otherwise.

Brother Baxter wrote me a very courteous letter and admitted a thing was scriptural only if there was a command, or an approved example, or a necessary inference for it.

Then he cited his proof for the Herald of Truth. He didn't cite a command for it. Nor did he cite an approved example. But, he cited what he THOUGHT was a "necessary inference."

I just KNOW, if there had been a command for one church sending money to another church to preach the gospel, he would have sent it. And he would have sent an approved example, if one could have been found. The ONLY THING he could do was send an "Inference."

He cited Acts 11:27-30, where the brethren at Antioch sent relief to brethren in Judea. And he "inferred" from this that one church could send money to another church to preach the gospel.

If I can show that he has no scriptural right to "infer" this, his whole argument is dead. I intend to do just that. And never, since I have been trying to teach the word have I had such an easy task.

If we can hold these brethren to the SCRIPTURES, we can defeat them in short order. Don't let them talk about the "wonderful good" that is being accomplished. Don't let them talk about a "hobbiest." Make them show BOOK, CHAPTER AND VERSE. If they can't show scripture, they are DONE FOR.

This Was Benevolence

Acts 11:27-30 relates to benevolence. What happens in the field of benevolence infers NOTHING in the field of evangelism. The church is NOT TO HELP some people in benevolence. Does this "Infer" the church is NOT to help some in evangelism? For one to "infer" a course in evangelism from what is said about benevolence is to involve himself in error.

To Meet A Local Need

Acts 11:27-30 relates to the local needs of local congregations. But in the Herald of Truth arrangement is a brotherhood affair. There is nothing "local" about the Herald of Truth except that money is spent by a single group of men. But, money is being spent by a single group in the Missionary Society!!

It Was Temporary

Acts 11:27-30 relates to a case where there was assistance rendered on a temporary basis. It was not intended as a permanent arrangement. It was to cease when the need was satisfied. There is nothing temporary about the Herald of Truth.

Caused By Calamity

Acts 11:27-30 relates to an incident which was occasioned by calamity. A dearth impoverished the brethren and made such a contribution necessary. But no such calamity or anything else makes the Herald of Truth necessary. I deny that such an arrangement is necessary to the carrying out of the great commission.


Acts 11:27-30 relates to an obligation. The churches in Judea had an obligation to feed their own members. It was an obligation they could not meet because of the dearth. It was the obligation of the church in Antioch and other places to assist them in fulfilling this need. But I deny that it is the obligation of Highland in Abilene, Texas, to preach on all the radio and television stations in the Herald of Truth set-up. If it is, then it is the obligation of all other churches to do the same thing. Otherwise, Highland has obligations no other congregation has. And, I deny it is the obligation of any congregation to assist Highland in this work of preaching on these stations. If it is the obligation of one congregation to help Highland, it is the obligation of all congregations to help. Else, again we have some congregations with obligations other churches don't have.

Help Was Voluntary

Acts 11:27-30 relates to a work that was voluntary. The brethren at Antioch, so far as we know, were not even asked to go to the assistance of the Judean brethren. But, in the Herald of Truth arrangement, while there is a semblance of independence involved, everybody KNOWS that pressure is brought to bear on churches and on preachers to "line up" and support this thing. I am one among many gospel preachers who have had gospel meetings canceled because I wouldn't submit to these unscriptural affairs instituted by my brethren. I emphatically deny that support of this thing is voluntary. I know preachers who have turned to the support of the Herald of Truth because they moved into a place where it was popular to support it.

Church in Need

Acts 11:27-30 relates to a case where a church sent relief to a church or churches which were so in need that they could not do their own work. Whereas, in the Herald of Truth arrangement, the receiving church is so far from being in need that it has more money than practically any church that is contributing to it.


The obligation of the Judean churches to feed their members was theirs by nature. Whereas, the obligation of Highland to preach on the Herald of Truth is theirs by assumption.

The Judean churches were doing what they had to do; namely, feed their members. Whereas, Highland is doing what they do not have to do; namely, operate the Herald of Truth.

The Antioch brethren were helping the Judean churches do what they just had to do. But contributing churches are helping Highland do what it doesn't have to do.

There is scripture for helping a church in need, like the Judean churches were. Whereas, there is no scripture for helping churches which are not in need, like Highland. Acts 11:27-30 DOES NOT infer a Herald of Truth.


Think of it, brethren! Churches have been split wide open over the Herald of Truth. Churches are STILL being split wide open over the Herald of Truth. And churches will continue to be split wide open over the Herald of Truth.

And yet, when we call upon brother Baxter, who LEADS THE EFFORT, for scripture to support such a project; ALL he can come up with is a passage dealing with BENEVOLENCE. And he "infers" from this that the church splitting, the heart ache, the turmoil, and the trouble occasioned by the Herald of Truth is justified.

If you are a supporter of the Herald of Truth, I hope you will let this weigh on your mind heavily. I want you to prayerfully consider the WEAKNESS of brother Baxter's proof.

No wonder these brethren like to talk about how "much good" is being done. No wonder they like to talk about how we oppose cooperation. No wonder they like to talk about how MORE PEOPLE will be reached. They like to talk about ANYTHING that will divert attention away from their lack of SCRIPTURE for their scheme. But we want BOOK, CHAPTER AND VERSE.

An Appeal

Brethren, I beg of you to think seriously. You wouldn't accept a doctrine from the sectarians which was "inferred" from a passage dealing with something ENTIRELY REMOVED from the subject at hand.

Why expect us to accept the Herald of Truth, when the ONLY scripture offered in support of it is one dealing with an entirely DIFFERENT subject.

I am simply AMAZED, as I ponder brother Baxter's letter, that brethren will DIVIDE churches all over the country over something when they have only a "necessary inference." Especially when the inference is NOT necessary, and when they have NO RIGHT to infer anything relative to evangelism from a passage dealing with benevolence.

I thought we had a long fight on our hands. But, if we can keep attention focused on the ENTIRE LACK of scriptural proof for the Herald of Truth, I believe my brethren will not long support this thing. Therefore, I call upon my brethren EVERYWHERE not to lead these brethren through the muddy water any longer. Let us all DEMAND BOOK, CHAPTER AND VERSE. Book, chapter and verse, they DON'T HAVE!!

Truth Magazine IV:11, pp. 15-17
August 1960