This brief report is being written in Brea, California, where I am currently engaged in a series of gospel meetings. This has been a most enjoyable occasion for me. This is my first trip to the great west coast. I was privileged to travel across some beautiful country on this trip. The states of Utah and Arizona were new ones for me, as well as California. This country will well impress one with God's creative genius.

The cause of Christ in California is progressing. Many brethren are set for the defense of the divine order of things as touching the problem of institutionalism. However, like most areas there seems to be a weakness in moral affairs. I was greatly surprised to find that many members of the church in this area engage in and attempt to justify mixed-bathing, wearing of shorts, and other such lascivious practices. I believe that this lack of balance is due to our going over board on one problem to the exclusion of others that are destructive. It is a shame that we cannot find it within ourselves to give time to study more of the problems that threaten the purity of God's people.

Who Spoke These Things?

"There is no organization in the kingdom of God larger than the local congregation of the church, and no authority higher than authority of Christ. Any addition or subtraction is a transgression of God's law, which brings about division and disfellowship."

"Brethren have transgressed the will of God, disregarding the authority of Christ, introducing into the church institutionalism and unscriptural practices causing a division. In 1849 the societies were introduced and in 1859 and in 1869 the mechanical instruments of music were brought into the worship. The body of Christ was rent in twain. God's law had been transgressed. The church divided. Now where is the responsibility? On the transgressor, of course!"

You would probably never guess who spoke these forceful words. V. E. Howard did so in a lecture given in Abilene, Texas in 1940. You can read them in the Abilene Christian College Bible Lectures, 1940, and published by the Firm Foundation Publishing House. I wonder if Bro. Howard, now a divider of churches by pushing his "expedients," still preaches these truths??

Bound Volume Four

This issue of TRUTH Magazine brings to a close the fourth year of publication. In these past four years forty-eight issues of TRUTH have been mailed. We now conclude what we consider our best year. Our circulation is higher now than ever before. And we close this fourth year as we look forward confident1y to a new and better year for TRUTH.

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Truth Magazine IV:12, p. 2
September 1960