John Kennedy Or American Freedom

Woodrow Plyler

It has never been my desire nor intention to enter into the field of politics. However, circumstances sometimes will force a person to stray from his usual work and activities of life. In view of what happened at the late "Democratic" Convention I believe it to be time for every God fearing and freedom loving citizen to rise up with all the power of his being against the evils of Catholicism. The nomination of a "loyal son of hierarchy" to the presidency of the United States is but a demonstration of the greatest revolt against the freedom of America and that which the Constitution of the United States provides for all citizens. I would have never thought that a group of American men and women, who claim to, be the most intellectual of all, would set a man up to the highest office in the nation who belongs to a political machine, under the guise of religion, which openly states that its purpose is to destroy the freedom of our nation and all who will not bow to its power.

John Kennedy has avowed that he will not allow his religious beliefs nor his religious superiors to interfere with his supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States. Has Mr. Kennedy had a change of heart? I doubt it very much. He has given no indications, by actions, that he has changed his religious beliefs. In the past he has proven he will take orders from his superiors. During world war two the American ship, Dorchester, was sunk by the enemy fire. The four chaplains on the ship (two were "Protestants", one Jewish and one Catholic) gave their life preservers to four sailors, and locked arm in arm went down with the ship, each giving his life that a fellow American might live. After the war, the father of one "Protestant" chaplain, Dr. Daniel Poling, conceived the idea of an inter-church chapel in memory of the four chaplains. In the fall of 1950, the money was raised for the erection of the "Chapel of the four Chaplains" with a banquet in the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, Pa. in memory of the four chaplains. This was an "inter-faith" occasion. A representative of the "Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic faith" were invited to speak on the occasion. Charles P. Taft, Mayor of Cincinnati, was chosen to speak for the "Protestants," Senator Herbert H. Lehman was chosen to speak for the Jewish, John Kennedy, was selected to represent the Catholic.

Dr. Poling states that Mr. Kennedy notified him at the last mintue that although he had his speech prepared, he would have to cancel his appearance due to the fact that his Eminence Denis Cardinal Dougherty had requested him not to appear for the occasion. Mr. Kennedy stated to Dr. Poling that he had done all he could to get the Cardinal to change his position. John Kennedy also said, "as a member of the church I have no other alternative but not to come." In view of this, Mr. Kennedy has the audacity to say, "people are afraid that Catholics take orders from a higher organization," then he added, "They don't, at least I don't." The records will show that Kennedy does take orders from his religious superiors and is lying when he says he does not.

As John Kennedy continues his avowal let us notice an article which appeared in the official newspaper of the Vatican, "The Osservatore Romano." This was a special article, which appeared in the May issue of 1960, labeled, "Authoritative and binding" on all the Church. "The church has full power of true jurisdiction over all the faithful and hence has the duty and right to guide, direct and correct them on the plane of actions and ideas. THE CHURCH HAS THE DUTY AND RIGHT TO INTERVENE EVEN IN THE POLITICAL FIELD TO ENLIGHTEN AND HELP CONSCIENCE. A CATHOLIC CAN NEVER PRESCRIBE THE TEACHINGS AND DIRECTIONS OF THE CHURCH. IN EVERY SECTION OF HIS ACTIVTTIES HE INIUST INSPIRE HIS PRIVATE AND PUBLIC CONDUCT BY THE LAWS, ORIENTATION AND INSTRUCTIONS OF THE HIERARCHY." (Emphasis mine WP) In spite of his avowals, in view of this article, John Kennedy knows that he cannot be disassociated from and free from the orders of the hierarchy. This article created tremendous repercussions in some parts of America. The Catholic officials in this country immediately responded by saying, "This pronouncement by the Vatican did not apply here." If it did not apply here, the only reason is, it does not, as yet, have the power to close the doors of church buildings in this country as it has in Spain and other countries. The election of a Catholic to be the president would be a long step toward obtaining that power. When they have obtained that power, religious liberty will he dead, as it is in Spain.

If the people of America are as freedom loving as we claim to be we will not elect Jack Kennedy to be our president on Nov. 8, 1960. Do the American people want a man for their president who could not come into the services of the 80 million non-Catholic in our country because be might be contaminated by walking into the precincts of a "Protestant church"? John Kennedy could not lest he offend the priest, or lest he offend the hierarchy. As a loyal son of the church he had "no alternative but not to come."

The Constitutions of Argentina, Spain and Paraguay states that no person is eligible to be their highest official unless he is a Catholic. In countries where the government is dominated by Catholics, Protestant churches are destroyed, their leaders are murdered. Columbia, South America is a good example of this. In that country, in the past several years, about 60 protestant churches have been destroyed; about 40 have been confiscated; about one hundred church leaders have been murdered. This is what the American people are inviting when they vote for Kennedy or any other Catholic for high office.

During the administration of two Catholic governors in the state of Ohio they have managed to get Catholic nuns, sisters, and priests in their garbs and immoral habits on the public payroll as schoolteachers. Their drive for tax money to support their institutions is relentless. John McCormack, the Democratic majority leader of the House, a Catholic, has succeeded in getting national legislation to hand over 30 million dollars of American tax money for the support of the Catholic Church. In view of these facts how can a people be so gullible and stupid as to be led to believe that the Catholic church will not exert its dictatorial powers over a nation whose highest officer is a loyal son of the hierarchy? Every person who votes for John Kennedy is casting his or her vote to be brought under the powers of the most corrupt organization on earth and will be voting against the freedom that God has given every man.

The claims of Catholicism should awaken every Christian to fear the dictatorial powers of the Pope. They should cause us to shudder when considering the highest office in our nation. Let us see some of the claims of the Catholic church. 1. "Without the consent of the Pope no tax of any kind can be levied upon a clergyman, or upon any church whatsoever." 2. "The Pope can make slaves of those Christian subjects whose prince or ruling power is interdiccd by the Pope." 3. "The church is empowered to grant, or take away, any temporal possession." 4. "All human power is of evil, and must therefore be standing under the Pope." 5. "The Pope has the right to give countries and nation,, which are non-Catholic to Catholic regents, who can reduce them to slavery." 6. "The Pope can annul all legal relations of those in ban, especially their marriages." 7. "The Pope can release from every obligation, oath, vow, either before or after making them." 8. "He who kills one that is excommunicated is no murderer in any legal sense."

These are some of the claims of Catholicism which make up the Romanish code. Those who have lived in a town or city which is dominated by Catholics will know that a vote for Kennedy is a vote for crime, corruption, and immorality for where you find one you will find the other. If the American people elect a man to be their president who belongs to, and a part of such a political machine we are headed for eternal destruction and doom. Let us pray and work for this not to happen. With the Sword that God has given us let us fight with all our might against the evil which endangers the freedom of not only this generation, but all future generations to come: the freedom which permits us to worship and serve God as He instructs.

If the supporters of Mr. Kennedy want to know what I have against him being our president they will have some of the reasons in what has been said.