"Thank You For Giving Us The Opportunity

To Preach The Gospel In Norway"

Bill Pierce
Bergen, Norway

A couple who support us, wrote the above words to us in a letter. At first I marveled at such a fine attitude. Then, as I thought about it, I realized that this is the only attitude for a Christian to have. Why shouldn't Christians seek opportunity to spend their money to preach the Gospel? Why shouldn't Christians feel that it is an opportunity when they can help some preacher to go and preach the Gospel? 1 suppose I marveled at this attitude because it is manifested so rarely. In so many cases the opportunities are avoided rather than used. Many preachers want to go to a field, but lack the necessary funds. So, many preachers must go over the country actually "begging" churches and individual Christians to help them preach the gospel! I knew one preacher who wanted to work with a Spanish congregation in Texas to help him prepare for work in South America. He traveled for weeks but was not able to go for lack of funds. Another fine preacher was ready to go to his field of labor, when the church who had promised support, suddenly decided that they needed air conditioners.

Certainly a preacher should travel around and let the churches meet him and know of his soundness and ability. Certainly a church should use wisdom and caution as to whom they support. But, many churches and individuals use neither wisdom, caution nor opportunity to preach the Gospel. Too many churches and individuals are like the one talent man: afraid to launch out, afraid they cannot do it.

There are two faithful families who are seeking financial help to corne here in September. The Mason Harris family are home for a visit and are seeking support and travel fund to return in September. Joe Pruett and his family are needing financial help to come in September. Bro. Pruett has about half of his support and travel fund. Here is an opportunity for a congregation or individual to have fellowship with them in preaching the Gospel here. Will you do it? Bro. Harris can be contacted at Lynn, Arkansas. Brother Pruett can be contacted at Box 384, Gordon, Georgia.

Bergen, The City Of Festivity

The summer months are really joyful ones here in Bergen. Bergen, so picturesque, hidden within seven mountains, is visited by tourists all over the world. We looked forward to this summer because it brings not only English speaking people, but Christians from different parts of the States. This past week, Jimmie Lovell and his wife and about 25 other Christians visited here. We only got to see them a few minutes when their boat came in. They weren't able to meet with us as their boat did not arrive here until late on Sunday night. The week before, Bro. Horace Teddlie from Dallas, Texas, visited with us over the weekend. He had gone with two families and another preacher to Finland to begin the work there. Bro. Teddlie was a real asset to

the work. He sang the Norwegian hymns, follewed the Scripture reading in the Norwegian Bible and encouraged the members. This is the way it should be. Tourists who are members of the church, should come prepared to encourage instead of expecting to be entertained by the workers and hindering the work by their unfaithfulness. In many ways, the Christians here look to the Christians in America as examples, and when tourists come here and are not faithful, they are disappointed and cannot understand. It is a blessing to have tourists who are Christians because of the encouragement we received from them. Some have come and have not been able to find us. If you visit here, call my number, 44396 or Dag Bjornstad's number, 95375. Bjornstad speaks English very well. If you are not able to reach us by phone, buy a newspaper, BERGEN TIDENDE, and our services will be listed under "Religose Moter." It will be "Kristi Kirke" instead of Church of Christ. Have a DROSJE (taxi) bring you to that address given in the paper.


Mary and I are always encouraged by letters from home. And since we are the on1y American family in this city, we expecially look forward to getting a letter from the States. We were reading in the book of Proverbs and found the following Scripture: "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country!" Is it necessary that I add: "A hint to the wise is sufficient?" Our address is Postboks 479, Bergen, Norway.

(Ed. note: In this same connection, we'd like to give space to the following report sent in by Bro. Liggin. Here are some deserving men willing to go, won't you help?)

Brother and sister O. Fred Liggin, Jr. and their three sons, Freddy, Rickey and Ben are planning to leave for the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Africa, the first week in October. They will go to replace the James D. Judd's who returned to the United States in July. At this time brother Andrew Connally and family are carrying on the work there but they plan to return to the states in November. At the writing of this article, brother Connally has no replacement . Should the Liggin's not be able to leave in October there would be no one over there to carry on the work after November. Brother Liggin still lacks a little on his support and needs quite a bit on his travel fund. Should you desire to help please send your contribution to: Mr. O. Fred Liggin, Jr., 138 E. College Street, Americus, Georgia. H is address after September 12, 1960, will be 1905 Keystone Avenue, Albany, Georgia.

Let us rally to the cause of Christ in this area. So much has been accomplished by the brethren who pioneered the work, now it must be watered.

Truth Magazine IV:12, pp. 22
September 1960