Sexual Orientation: What Is This?

Bill H. Reeves
We are being told that people have different sexual orientations, that so-and-so is homosexual because that is his sexual orientation. I ask myself: What is this “orientation” bit? What are we being told here?

I know that many people, and I dare say that most people, can’t even define the word “orientation”! If you think me wrong on this, please ask the first ten people you come to: What does the word “orientation” mean? See how many can give you a real, radical (root meaning) definition of the word itself. Many know how the word is used in today’s conversations (they hear the word and immediately think exclusively of homosexuality), but how many know that the radical meaning of the word has nothing to do with preference as to sexuality.

In the word “orientation,” we see the word “orient” meaning “east.” So, the east, where the sun rises, becomes a point of reference as respects physical directions. So, if a person has lost his directions, we say that he has become “disoriented.”  (In Spanish, if a person is disoriented, he is said to be “norteada” — headed north, instead of east.)

So, we see that orientation has to do simply with a position, heading, or direction that one takes in reference to something. One’s orientation is one’s position relative to a particular issue. A homosexual is one who takes the position that he can have sex with another of the same (Greek, homo) sex. Anything new about that? Of course not! But the issue has been stirred in favor of accepting homosexuality by means of rhetoric (the skill in effective use of speech). The issue is presented by the liberal as if it were all a matter  of one’s personal position or preference. Now, no one has the right to press his position on everyone else. So, if one person has a heterosexual position or preference, fine. And if another has a different sexual orientation, fine. Who is one person that he should tell all others what their sexual orientation ought to be?

The fallacy of all of this sophistry lies in the fact that God is left out of the equation! God has already determined man’s sexuality. He has set the orientation (direction, position). The issue is not left up to man for choice of orientation. God has oriented, or directed, all of his creatures made in his image in the matter of sexuality, the so-called “New Morality” of the 1960s, and subsequent perversions, to the contrary! He has ordained marriage for a man and a woman. That is the orientation! Man with man, man with beast, woman with woman, or woman with beast, are orientations (positions, directions) which rebellious people are taking in defiance of God’s orientation.

Don’t be deceived by rhetoric (in this case, euphemistic words and phrases) designed to deceive (Rom. 16:18). A well-known news analyst lately asked a politician, who had used a statement perceived (by some) as being very derogatory of our President, “Don’t you believe that words are important?” Yes, Mr. Analyst, words are very important to the liberals who are trying, by means of their rhetoric (sound more than substance), to manipulate the minds of those who don’t think for themselves!
Brethren and friends, rather than be lead by rhetoric, let us learn to analyze words and phrases, and challenge the use being made of them, lest we be lead astray (deceived) by smooth and fair speech. “Sexual orientation” — how is that phrase being used? That is what we need to be asking, rather than falling into the trap of thinking that, well, no one has the right to tell everyone else what their preference of direction or position ought to be.
Yes, there is such a thing as sexual orientation, and God has already determined what it is. Anyone who chooses to change that orientation is in defiance of God! I am not trying to get anyone to accept my sexual orientation; I’m trying to get all people to accept God’s! Those clamoring for freedom to choose their own sexual orientation are God-denying, God-hating, individuals.  There is no choice but to accept or reject God’s sexual orientation as set forth in the Book!

One might as well talk about having “a different economical orientation,” choosing to rob banks to get money, instead of working with his hands (Eph. 4:28), as to talk about having “a different sexual orientation.”  How about one’s having “a different reality orientation,” choosing rather to lie than to tell the truth? or, “a different bio-orientation,” choosing rather to kill life (as in abortion), than sustain it (bring to birth)?

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Truth Magazine Vol. XLIV: 15  p23  August 3, 2000