“Remember now thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth”

Steve Wallace
God is the Creator of us all and all men would do well to keep him constantly in mind. Why is it especially important for the young to heed the wise man’s counsel?

1. The decisions of youth often influence the course of one’s life. Paul’s manner of life from his youth caused him to put God first in his life (Acts 26:4-7). Timothy had a godly mother and grandmother who taught him the scriptures (2 Tim. 1:5; 3:15). His choosing to follow the Lord as a child led to a spiritually stable adulthood (Acts 16:1; 2 Tim. 3:10-11). We will reap what we sow (Gal. 6:7). Remembering our Creator helps us make wise decisions so that our lives will be built on the firmest possible foundation (Matt. 7:24-27; Ps. 119:9).

2. Youth is a time of folly for the best of men. Job and David, both highly esteemed in the sight of God (Job 1:8; Acts 13:22), confessed to sins in the time of their youth (Job 13:26; Ps. 25:7). What was true for them will certainly be true for all of us. Do not trust your own thoughts and desires or the opinions of friends. Such leadings will make you “void of understanding” and vulnerable to the temptations of youth (Prov. 7:7; 2 Tim. 2:22). Remember your Creator in the days of your youth in order to overcome the foolish inclinations of this time of life.
3. Youth is the time of one’s highest vitality and energy (Prov. 20:29). The “evil days” spoken of later in  Ecclestiastes 12:1 have reference to the infirmities and inconveniences of old age and are in contrast to the vigor of youth. If one is to put this vigor to proper usage, guidance is necessary (Jer. 10:23). We need only look at prisons, broken homes, homes for unwed mothers, etc., to find the many examples of people who were guided by folly or popular sentiment in their youth. Remembering your Creator in the days of your youth will lead you use your abilities and energy wisely.

Remembering our Creator in the days of our youth will make memories of which we will not be ashamed in the future. It will build experience that will be valuable in the future course of our lives as well as in counseling others. Remembering your Creator in the days of your youth is the best way to prepare for the future, both here and hereafter.

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Truth Magazine Vol. XLIV: 21  p5  November 2, 2000