Upon Entering the New Year

Bryan Vinson, Jr.

The close of every year ought to bring to our minds the remembrance of all the "good and perfect gifts" which our Father in heaven has bestowed upon us. Certainly God has been good to us! But the blessing of God should be counted as a reminder of all that God expects of us. I am confident that His expectations for us during the coming months of this new year will far exceed what we have done in service to Him in the past. Every new year brings new opportunities which we are able to meet; hence, every new year brings new responsibilities. In view of all that God has done for us in the past let us press forward during this new year to render unto Him who created us a service eternally acceptable.

Thanks For Your Interest

In the last issue of TRUTH Magazine an announcement concerning my mother's serious injuries resulting from an automobile accident was made. While I was with her in the hospital for several days I witnessed the evidence of interest that many of our readers expressed. Your cards were appreciated, and I am happy to report that she has made great strides toward recovery, and is now home from the hospital. No mother is dearer to her sons than she is to Foy and me, and we are indeed grateful for your interest in her welfare.

New Renewal Identification System

Do not be alarmed if the expiration date on your address label is not changed after you renew your subscription. We are converting to a system which will eventually show only the code number for the month of expiration. The year of expiration will be on our records. This will greatly reduce our cost involved in maintaining our addressograph plates.

J. W. Akin Departs This Life

The name of J. W. Akin is a familiar one to many of the brethren. Bro. Akin has been a militant and faithful soldier of the Lord throughout his long and fruitful life. He has now departed this life for that better one, but he will long be remembered by those who have known and admired him through the years. We offer our sympathies to his wife.

Renew Your Subscription

The life of TRUTH Magazine is dependent upon you. We must not only continue to add new names to our mailing list, but we must also retain those of you who have been receiving the magazine. Your renewal is very important. Many of you have been receiving TRUTH the past year through the courtesy of interested brethren who strongly support our efforts. One of those who has been greatly responsible for encouraging brethren to support this program which provides free first year subscriptions has written the appeal which is printed on the opposite page. Read it, -and react.

Truth Magazine, V:4, p. 2
January 1961