Diestelkamps Return

I have waited for a long time for the return of Leslie and Alice Diestelkamp, and their youngest son, Roy. It brought sorrow to my heart when they departed from us to go to the Dark Continent of Africa. My sorrow was the result of selfishness - their reason for leaving was most noble; the results of their efforts more than justify their sojourn. I rejoice in the good that has resulted, and I rejoice in the return of my associate and his family.

The Diestelkamps have set a wonderful example. For many years practically all of the preachers that have gone to foreign fields to work have been younger men. I am certainly not critical of these men, but rather rejoice in their zeal and willingness to leave their kin and their friends and go to strange places to do the most noble of all works amidst the greatest hardships. But the sacrifices are much greater when more mature people must leave their sons and daughters and grandchildren and journey thousands of miles across the ocean to do a great work under conditions that sap the very strength of life out of an even younger person. We must never forget these sacrifices, or the good that has resulted therefrom. I am confident that Nigeria is better off as a result of the Diestelkamps' brief sojourn. I can only hope that our knowledge of what they have accomplished will result in greater devotion on our part to the great work of preaching the Gospel throughout the world.

They will return around the first of August, and I look forward to renewing our association together.

"Return Ye Unto God"

This is one of the finest issues of TRUTH Magazine that has ever been published. It was published at the conclusion of Volume II as a "Special." Several thousand extra copies were sold. A few remain, and a special price is being offered in an effort to clear our shelves. This issue was devoted entirely to the restoration of unfaithful members of the church. It contains articles dealing with the causes of unfaithfulness and the cure God has provided. Some of the most capable writers in the brotherhood wrote articles for this number. Look elsewhere in this issue for an announcement concerning the special offer.

It's That Time Again

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Truth Magazine, V:10; p. 2
July 1961