The Indiana Special

Cecil Willis
Akron, Ohio

We are calling this issue of TRUTH MAGAZINE an "Indiana Special." Though this paper is now in it seventh year of continuous publication, many of you, we realize, have never seen a single issue of it. Hence, several hundreds of you are seeing it now for the first time, as we are mailing out hundreds of sample copies of this issue of the paper. We call this issue an "Indiana Special" primarily because its writers are from Indiana. Of course we could not include articles, understandably though regrettably, from every faithful preacher in Indiana. Space would not allow an article even from every faithful preacher who previously has written for TRUTH MAGAZINE. Nor could we include articles from every preacher that we even had asked to write for the paper. These articles, then, merely are taken from representative men, primarily from the Indianapolis area and southward. A similar issue just as easily could be complied from faithful brethren in the northern part of the state.

While we are concentrating on Indiana writers and readers especially in this issue, we certainly do not intend for our readers in other states to feel slighted. Perhaps at a later date similar "Special" issues will be forthcoming regarding your state. The present venture is merely one among many such ventures planed in our concerted effort to get TRUTH MAGAZINE to be more extensively read.

Indiana for more than a century has been a significant state so far as the Lord's church is concerned. This state long has been the home of thousands of faithful Christians. Presently, in the Indianapolis area alone there are perhaps 15-20 faithful churches. Elsewhere throughout the state there are many more solid congregations. It was at Indianapolis that the first public debates of significance were held regarding the current institutional issues. I lived in Indianapolis, working for the Irvington church, nearly four years. When I left the city in 1957, frankly conditions in Indianapolis did not look good to me. Happily those trends have been reversed, or else I then pessimistically was blinded to the true conditions. For now the Indianapolis area is a significant center of strength.

We believe that in TRUTH MAGAZINE we publish a paper of worth. Did we not believe so, we before now could have ceased its publication. These hundreds of sample copies being sent into Indiana are sent with the wish that every person receiving such a sample copy will see fit to subscribe to TRUTH MAGAZINE. Those of us who take a daily city newspaper spend about $25 annually in it. For one-tenth of this amount (i.e., for $2.50 annually), you can receive a copy of TRUTH MAGAZINE each month. Would you not like to do so? If you would, please send your name, address and money immediately!

Faithful men, like these having articles in this issue, will continue to write for the paper. News of brethren and churches with whom you are acquainted will be featured. So please subscribe. We feel sure that you will enjoy receiving and reading such a paper.

Already Indiana is a state in which many of our present subscribers reside. Many of you who already subscribe will be receiving sample copies of this paper, simply because it is difficult to sift your names from the number who do not subscribe.

If you already get the paper and yet get a sample copy, how about sending a subscription for someone else? Just a little help from a lot of people will help a lot!

Should you be a subscriber and not receive a sample copy of this issue in addition to your regular copy, we still would appreciate any effort you might see fit to lend toward extending TRUTH MAGAZINE's influence in Indiana and elsewhere.

The most valuable possession that a magazine has is its subscription list, for this list consists of the people who are interested in the paper's welfare. This certainly is our feeling toward TRUTH MAGAZINE's subscribers.

TRUTH MAGAZINE needs to be more generally read. Would you help us achieve that end by sending other subscriptions for it, or by securing others' money for subscriptions and sending that money along with their correct addresses to us? Any help toward this end that you might be disposed to render sincerely would be appreciated.

Truth Magazine VII: 2, pp. 1
November 1962