The "Mooching" Programs Continue

Raymond Harris

The last 15 years or so the Lord's church - has been approached and prevailed upon to support countless schemes, programs, societies, businesses and what have you. Some have been scriptural, and some have been un-scriptural. Some have been expedient and some have been inexpedient. Some have been sensible, and some have been nonsensical.

We are living in a time when "Wonderful Works" in the name of Jesus are measured by their scope, the amount of money they cost, and whether or not they can be labeled as "GREAT," "GIGANTIC," AND "COLOSSAL. "

In the past, churches have been asked to help build a million dollar church building in Manhatten, to help a church produce and broadcast national and inter-national radio and television programs, to aid in putting articles in popular magazines, to help build and maintain "Bible Camps," to help build and maintain colleges, to help build and maintain private enterprises for the care of the young and the aged, to help sponsoring churches finance nation-wide correspondence courses, mission efforts, medical clinics, and a multitude of other such programs.

But now the latest. But now the latest. The September 14, 1962, CHRISTIAN CHRONICLE, carries an urgent appeal from Korea Christian College. In addition to $25,000 to finish construction of a new educational building, churches are being asked to set it up in the dairy business. Yes, that's right. The college would like for "congregations and individuals" to donate the price of a healthy cow, at an average cost of $350 each. It is explained that in this way brethren in America can "save thousands of lives and souls by helping the cause of Christian benevolence in Korea." Milk is to be sold to support the herd, and the dairy will provide EMPLOYMENT for young people working their way through college.

Now who could deny that this is indeed a unique "MOO" ching program, and who would dare be so uncharitable and ugly as to ask for BIBLE AUTHORITY allowing God's church to use the Lord's Day collection to put a college in the dairy business!

Besides all congregations donating a cow could certainly be considered "on the 'Moo'arch."

Truth Magazine VII: 3, pp. 9
December 1962