Pro or Anti?
Christians Should Be Pro

Floyd Chappelear
Columbus, Ohio

Certain of our brethren have made a habit of name-calling when it comes to certain practices, which we are either for or against. One side prefers to use the title of "Pro" whereas the other side makes use of the term "Anti". It is then our Christian duty to decide which position is scriptural and right and which position is unscriptural. We must judge for ourselves in the light of God's word.

In studying the various so-called "issues" honest Christians take a very positive "Pro" position. The word "pro" is defined as meaning: "On the affirmative side, as, they argued pro and con", (Webster's New American Dictionary). Then, using the dictionary definition, Christians should take a "Pro" position. Christians should be very much in the affirmative when it comes to the Bible. We believe the Bible is our only guide) and therefore, we should be "for" all the things contained therein.

But certain of our brethren prefer to label some of us as being "Anti". This just is not so, in the strictest sense. If our brethren would consider certain facts, they would quickly come to the conclusion that we are "pro" and they are most certainly "anti". Consider first of all that we are "for" the Bible, this meaning "pro-Bible", and for the exclusion of instrumental music in the church. The New Testament is consistent when referring to vocal music and never once lists instrumental music in the church (Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16).

Some brethren who are pro-Bible when teaching on instrumental music take an anti-Bible position when teaching on institutionalism. Being "pro-Bible'' no longer suits their purposes. So now they must become "anti" in order to perpetrate their hoaxes. Then quite dishonestly, it becomes necessary to brand the rest of us "anti" when in reality we are still "pro-Bible".

If we are anti-institutional, it must need to be because we are emphatically "pro-Bible". No form of institution was tacked on the church in the first century; so we should allow none to become as a leach and attach itself to the church today. Our brethren should consider their positions and find out if their "pro" positions are not in reality anti-Bible. In regard to the truth we must always remember, we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth (2 Cor. 13: 8).

Truth Magazine VII: 4, pp. 6
January 1963