George Pennock to Nigeria in 1963

Leslie Diestelkamp
Aurora, Illinois

Most of the readers of this journal are aware of the great gospel work in Nigeria, West Africa. In the great cities of the Western Region there, brethren Aude McKee and Paul Earnhart now labor fruitfully. Brother McKee expects to return to America next summer, and brother George Pennock plans to go to Nigeria to continue the good work.

Brother Pennock, son of Gordon Pennock, well-known northern preacher, has done excellent gospel work for years, first at Waukesha, Wisconsin, and now at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. He is a very capable speaker, a zealous worker and has a thorough knowledge of the Bible. George is also well-grounded and sound in word and deed. He has a wife and one daughter, six years old. They plan to go to Nigeria next June. They need support and travel funds. I urge any and all brethren to help them. There are three ways you can help: (l) Send them a lump-sum gift for travel funds. (2) Send them a monthly contribution from NOW until they leave, to accumulate for travel fund. (3) Send a monthly contribution for their support while in Africa, either beginning now so that these first months can be used for travel fund, or if that is not possible, let him know what you will send monthly beginning in June or July, 1963, for regular support for the two years he plans to spend in Nigeria.

Let us not fail to enable this good family to get to Africa and to be properly sustained there. The harvest is amazingly great and workers in that field are too few. Brother Pennock's address is: 1702 Davitt St., Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Truth Magazine VII: 4, pp. 11
January 1963