Our Thanks to Our Fellow Laborers

Earl Robertson
Indianapolis, Indiana

We are unable adequately to express to you our sincere thanks for the efforts and sacrifices that you have made in behalf of TRUTH MAGAZINE during the last few weeks. Truly this paper has friends in many sections of this country! We want you to know that we really appreciate your friendship, and we want to ask you to continue in the same magnificent way in the future. Our hope for continuing the publishing of TRUTH MAGAZINE rests in you. We are striving, as responsible leaders, to make this paper one that you can sell to lovers of truth with joy and a great degree of satisfaction.

TRUTH MAGAZINE lives from the resources--subscriptions and gifts--of individuals. These subscriptions come from members of the church of Christ and from people who are not members of the church of Christ. TRUTH MAGAZINE has no tie with churches; she does not receive contributions from churches, neither shall she.

We are asking you to use each opportunity that you have to create more new friends to TRUTH. In order to get new ones to subscribe it may be necessary for you to subscribe for them first. Several of our old subscribers are doing this. As they renew their own subscription they subscribe for a friend. After this person reads TRUTH for one year, we believe that he will then subscribe for himself and perhaps for another! Some of your friends will buy the TRUTH Magazine if only you ask him. This is a small matter, why not try it today?

Responses to our recent offers are gratifying. We herein continue some of those offers and give new ones.

We are still offering the last four years of TRUTH MAGAZINE in Bound Volumes for fifty subscriptions. These do not have to be new subs, but may be renewals. If you cannot get fifty subs, perhaps you can obtain thirty-seven and we will send you three Bound Volumes. If your time is limited to where you can sell only twenty-five subscriptions we will send you two Bound Volumes. And last of all we are still offering one Bound Volume for twelve subscriptions to TRUTH. These books are handsomely bound and will be desired in years to come, but then they cannot be bought. Get yours now the easy way by selling subscriptions to TRUTH!

Truth Magazine VII: 5, pp. 1a
February 1963