A True Story About Many Churches

L. R. Wilson

About eighteen years ago, while preaching in Tulsa, I went into a small store about a half block from the meetinghouse. The owner introduced me to a lady customer as a minister of the Tenth and Rockford church. She looked at me accusingly and said, "Well, I'd be ashamed to admit it." In a startled yet kindly manner, I asked, "Why?" ... "My husband and I pass your building every Sunday," she said, "returning from our church, and every man there is standing around the front of the building sucking on a cigarette. Before they get home every kid in the community is around picking them up and smoking. You're making cigarette smokers out of every one of them." ... Sheepishly, I bowed my head and said, "Yessum."

Truth Magazine VII: 5, pp. 9
February 1963