One Hundred Percent!!

Cecil Willis
Akron, Ohio

Last August the responsibility of managing TRUTH MAGAZINE changed hands. Since that time a concerted effort has been made by many persons in many places to expand the circulation of the paper. When William Wallace and I jointly assumed the responsibility of publishing the paper, we privately set ourselves the optimistic goal of increasing the subscription list one hundred per cent during our first year of operating TRUTH MAGAZINE. Frankly, I secretly was fearful we would not be able to experience this rapid an increase. However, lest I dampen William's enthusiasm, I did not express my fear.

However, hardly more than half of our first year of operation has passed, and already we have enjoyed considerably more than one hundred percent increase in subscriptions. We now are taking sight on new and higher goals.

Shortly after our August beginning, Earl Robertson joined our working force. He has done much to make our growth already experienced possible. But no one knows better than we three that the outstanding growth enjoyed has not been made possible only by our efforts. Our helpers have been persons scattered over this entire nation and in several foreign countries. A few have sent in sixable numbers of new subscriptions. Many have sent in one, two, five or a dozen new subscriptions when they have sent in their own renewal. This is the kind of help that we appreciate.

Have you done anything toward making this increase possible? If not, please help us now to expand our circulation even further. Any of us can persuade a few others to subscribe. We all can do something to acquaint others with the paper.

Perhaps the quickest way to get the paper in the hands of many persons who need to read it is to subscribe for them. And the easiest way to rocket our subscription list is for you to send us a list of twenty-five names for new subscriptions. These twenty-five subscriptions can be purchased by you for only $5 a month. Some already are using this

plan. Other papers have used this procedure with outstanding success. If you know of persons whom you would like to have to read the paper for a year or so, send in their names on this easily worked plan. Twenty-five names for only five dollars a month! And a good percentage of these will subscribe next year on their own. Will you send in such a list?

We express our sincere thanks for the help thus far rendered, and earnestly urge you to use every means at your disposal to get TRUTH MAGAZINE in the hands of others of your friends whom you would like to have to read it.

Truth Magazine VII: 6, pp. 24
March 1963