A Work in the Bahamas

Earl Robertson
Indianapolis, Indiana

This month I want to talk with you about a work in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas. Just more than a year ago brother Carl W. Strachan left Nassau, Bahamas and went to Marsh Harbour with his family. Marsh Harbour is the home town of Sister Strachan. There were no Christians i n t h i s whole Island of Great Abaco. Brother Strachan, along with brother C. W. Scott, had just visited in Indianapolis, Indiana prior to his going to Marsh Harbour to see if it were possible for me to visit the Bahamas in preaching the gospel. I told them I would come, God willing. In the meantime brother Strachan returned to the Island and started to work, worshipping in his home. After sometime he baptized his mother-in-law and a man, brother Henry Williams, who is a carpenter.

After being in Marsh Harbour approximately two months, I was able to go and stay about two weeks, preaching each night and working with as many as we could during the day. While I was there we baptized two. For this meeting we used a very small shed, which belonged to a Holiness preacher; however, after I left he refused the brethren the use of it. That forced them to meet anywhere they could. They still have no place to meet.

Again it was my pleasure to return there this past February and work for several days. The weather was very bad in that it rained for the first four nights. However, we met in the rain and all getting partially wet each night. Finally we were able to get enough lumber to put decking on a house that brother Strachan had started for himself. Then we used a roll of roofing to cover a place large enough for us to meet under it. No floors, windows, etc., just a place to meet. During this effort two more were baptized and good prospects for more.

Perhaps, there are some who read this now that would like to help them now financially. What congregation would be willing to send their or some other evangelist there for some work? What congregation would like to help support brother Strachan? He works some barbering, but makes very little. Also two congregations in the States send him $25.00 each per month. He is a good worker and deserves this help. What friend of Truth Magazine would like to send 5 copies per month to brother Strachan for distribution? This would cost $1.25 per month. If you are interested in doing this, send your money to Truth Magazine stating that you want to send 5 copies each month to Carl W. Strachan, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas.

Truth Magazine VII: 7, pp. 1a
April 1963