The Inevitable Has Happened

Cecil Willis
Akron, Ohio

Ours is an age of constantly rising costs. Though I am still considered a young man, I recently was shocked to learn that the cost of a college education has nearly doubled since my school days. Such generally increasing costs also have affected those in the paper publishing business.

In recent months the publishers of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN, SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES, PRECEPTOR, GOSPEL ADVOCATE and FIRM FOUNDATION, and perhaps others, have found it necessary to increase their subscription price.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, now well into its seventh year of publication, has never raised its subscription price. While other monthlies charging the same subscription rate were publishing twelve or sixteen pages of material TRUTH MAGAZINE has published twenty-four pages of material, plus an attractively printed multi-color cover--a total of twenty-eight pages each month!

We have attempted to give our readers the very finest paper possible. We have made the paper as attractive as possible by printing it on a very good grade of paper, and enclosing it in an attractive cover. These features have all added to our production costs. So many have expressed appreciation of these distinctive qualities of TRUTH MAGAZINE that we have not seriously contemplated any change of make-up.

The subscription price alone hardly pays for any paper. While all our bills are current, it is a fact that now it costs more to produce twelve issues of TRUTH MAGAZINE than the $2.50 annual subscription fee. On January 7, 1963 our postage costs increased twenty percent. In February our printing price was hiked nearly thirty percent. Postage and printing costs constitute nearly all our expense of publication. Hence, our publication costs have gone up about twenty-five percent since January 1, 1963.

Sound business practices indicate we must increase our annual subscription rate so as partially to offset these production cost increases. Accordingly, the annual subscription price to TRUTH MAGAZINE will be increased to $3.00 as of August 1, 1963. While a few may not renew their subscription because of this necessary increase, it is our belief that our readers want a top quality paper in both content and composition. For these qualities we believe ''discriminating'' readers are willing to pay at least the actual cost of production. No one connected with the production of TRUTH MAGAZINE, except the printer, is paid for his labor. Every penny we charge you for subscriptions, and more, is spent in producing TRUTH MAGAZINE.

In view of the tremendous increases in cost of producing during the past seven years, we do not think it unreasonable to increase our subscription fee to $3.00 on August 1. However, all renewals and new subscriptions received before August 1 will be charged at our current rate.

Renew your subscription now--save yourself fifty cents. Any new subscription which you have intended to send should be immediately sent.

Interest in TRUTH MAGAZINE has never been greater. We show an increase in subscriptions every month--or at least we have thus far. People all over the country are assisting us to acquaint brethren with TRUTH MAGAZINE. We are enthused at the response which we have received to the paper. For the assistance of all of you who have helped make our growth possible, we sincerely are thankful. We look ahead to a bigger, better and more effective work through the medium of TRUTH MAGAZINE in forthcoming months. Join hands with us now to extend the influence of this good religious journal.

Truth Magazine VII: 7, pp. 2
April 1963