A Personal Letter

Earl Robertson
Indianapolis, Indiana

I continue to extend my personal thanks and the thanks of brother Willis and brother Wallace for the splendid way that you have responded to the suggestions that we have made to you regarding efforts to boost the circulation of TRUTH MAGAZINE. This month I'm making this a personal letter from us to you regarding a matter in which I hope to interest you, as many interested and are acting others have become upon this problem.

I am writing this letter to you regarding your advertising of the services of the church where you meet. TRUTH MAGAZINE has a good circulation throughout the nation, and more particularly in the east, mid-west and south. Many of these subscribers are businessmen who travel a good deal, and many are going and coming on vacations and other trips. Naturally, these folks do not always know where a sound church is meeting, and many times experience a very difficult time in finding the right group with which to worship. This is not because these people are not interested, but because they have no way of knowing that you exist.

I should like to encourage you to help alleviate this situation. As we have repeatedly stated the position of TRUTH MAGAZINE, you know that it has nothing to do with the church, such as getting monies from congregations, or attempting to rule any church or person. It is completely separate and apart from the church of our Lord. It is purely a function of some brethren; it is like the newspaper in your home town. However, since many brethren are reading this magazine, we may be of service to you in the sense of advertising your services, place of meeting, etc. We want you to really think that this will help the church there, and if not, don't buy it. We will run your ad -- name of congregation, name of preacher or elders and phone numbers, address of meetinghouse and time of services -- in good-sized letters each month for $3.00 per month. You may start this advertising with us at any time and stop it at any time. It is a service that we are beginning and we believe that many churches will profit much from its use.

We should like to hear from you at an early date regarding this matter, please.

Truth Magazine VII: 9, pp. 1a
June 1963