Paul G. Kelsey
Berea, Ohio

Prejudice is defined as "A judgment passed beforehand, especially in advance of due examination, hence a preconceived opinion or feeling, favorable or unfavorable." Many times I have been confronted with prejudice, as I am sure you have. However we all know that this is certainly NOT the way to arrive at a judgment.

Daily I see prejudice used in morals, politics, and religion. l am afraid that some who claim to be the children of God have not escaped the use of prejudice. The calling of names, the use of objectionable adjectives, etc., do nothing more than and many times are merely employed to create prejudice. If these things are not used with the idea in mind of creating prejudice, they end up doing this. We should think before we use them. We profess to stand firmly and squarely upon the word of God and it only. We don't have to use prejudice or anything that leads to it to defend God's revelation. IT IS A POOR CAUSE THAT NEEDS PREJUDICE TO DEFEND IT. The Lord help us to free ourselves of prejudice.

Truth Magazine VII: 8, pp. 5b
May 1963