Can You Help?

Eleven years ago Brother Donald Kline was converted from the Evangelical United Brethren Church. For the past nine years he has been preaching the gospel. He now works with the small congregation at Huntingdon. Pennsylvania. There are a few other congregations that stand firmly in that area. Other sound churches are at Harrisburg. Walnut Bottom and Shippensburg. Brother Kline does not go along with the modernism now pervading many churches.

The congregation at Huntingdon is now only seven years old. They now have about fifty in attendance on Sunday. This figure represents nearly a hundred percent increase in attendance since Brother Kline moved there in November, 1962. The church recently has secured a residence, which has been converted into a suitable meeting place.

There are only five wage earners in the congregation, two of whom temporarily are without work.

Brother Kline and his wife have three small children. He ordinarily is paid $85 weekly, out of which he has to pay his own rent and utilities. This is too little money for five persons adequately to live on in this section of the country. However, the congregation is not now unable even to continue to pay this meager salary. Outside help is needed to support Brother Kline.

Is there a congregation that could give some immediate assistance? Could the congregation where you worship send something each month for a few months? Brother Kline can be contacted at 631 Mifflin Street in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Brother Leo Rogel of Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania (RD 2) can also be contacted, should further information be desired. When I last heard, there was only money available to pay Brother Kline for two more weeks. So support is urgently needed.

Several men working in difficult places are receiving a substantial portion of their support from individual Christians. Would you personally be able and willing to assist in supporting Brother Kline, even temporarily? Even a little help right now could be a great benefit to him. Do what you can.

Truth Magazine VII: 8, pp. 8a
May 1963