Concerning Wills and Deeds In Favor of Florida College

James R. Cope
Tampa, Florida

Under date of February 28, the Honorable Richard W. Ervin, Attorney General of the State of Florida, wrote me as follows- regarding the effect that the name change would have on wills and deeds:

"I believe that this change would not affect a will which provides a legacy to your college

James R. Cope since I assume it could easily be established that although the charter has been amended to change the name of the institution it is still the same institution.

"It may well be, however, that individuals who have made a will leaving a request to the college will wish to make this correction regarding the present name of the institution in their wills.

"In the event that some of these benefactors will wish to know whether or not the change in name implies a change in the general purpose of the institution, you might consider writing to them so that possible misunderstanding will be avoided."

College officials will be glad to discuss details regarding wills and deeds with persons desiring to favor Florida College by these means. The estates of donors of tangible and intangible property through wills and deeds may enjoy definite tax savings while their donors live. Persons interested in this matter should address James R. Cope, Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida.

Truth Magazine VII: 8, pp. 8b
May 1963