Masterpiece on Race Question

Wm. E. Wallace
Salem, Ohio

From New York alleys to the Texas Alamo; from Greenwood Mississippi's white Citizen's Council to Harlem's National Association For The Advancement of Colored People; from the days of lynching, to the riots of Little Rock, Arkansas; from cannon shots of the civil war, to the recent campus mob at Oxford, Mississippi, and from church burning to Washington, D. C. racial disorders, our country has been burdened with tile problems of race relations.

Recently Attorney General Robert Kennedy observed that it was time to act rather than to write articles about the need of action. But articles often bring action. Good articles may incite good action, bad articles may create wrong action. We believe we have an article in this issue of TRUTH MAGAZINE that is worthy of the reading of all American citizens. It will certainly incite deeper thought and create broader conceptions regarding the racial problems.

We wish all our government officials who deal directly with race relations could read the article by Franklin T. Puckett. We believe it is a masterpiece. It deals fairly and squarely with the issues of race relations. It is scholarly and accurate in research and data; it is biblical and practical in both its observations and applications.

Many brethren and some congregations are concerned about inter-racial difficulties, and some are directly involved in enigmas and confusion regarding scriptural policies and Christian attitudes. It will do all brethren good to read this article in its entirety. It will help them to find safe ground on which to stand regarding the race issue.

We listened to brother Puckett deliver the address entitled "The Messiah and Race Relations" at Florida College lectures in February. As he so eloquently spoke we recognized the speech as a masterpiece. At the conclusion of the presentation we rushed to brother Puckett seeking his permission to publish what we believe is one of the outstanding dissertations on race relations. Brother Puckett has graciously granted permission to print the speech in full, and we are proud to do so.

Read it, if you wilt, and then recommend it to your congressman; give it to your neighbor; spread it around.

Truth Magazine VII: 8, pp. 10May 1963