"The Fool Hath Said..."

Luther Blackmon
La Porte, Texas

The first verse of "The fool hath said the 14th Psalm says, in his heart there is no God." The first verse of the 19tl' Psalm says, "The heavens declare t h e glory of God..."

Strange as it may seem, many people say they find it difficult to believe in the existence of an intelligent, eternal, personal, FIRST CAUSE. The Bible calls him God. But get outside some starlight night and look up. While you are looking, remember that you are standing on a little planet that makes an annual journey around the sun of about 558 million miles, traveling at the rate of more than 63 thousand miles an hour; that little planet is only one of nine that make up our solar system, and they, too, revolve around the sun. The earth makes it once a year, but it takes Neptune 164 years to make the annual journey. Pluto, I believe, 248 years. Remember that these planets have their satellites which revolve around them. The moon is our only satellite, but Jupiter has 12, if my memory fails me not. When you have comprehended (?) the magnitude of this solar system, the space required for it and the perfect timing with which it operates, then remember that our solar system is only one of more than 300 million. Our sun is so large that, if it were hollow like a cocoanut and had a shell 100 thousand miles thick, there would be plenty of room on the inside of the sun to place both the earth and the moon at their distance of 240 thousand miles apart. Then re- member that in the universe there are other suns that make ours look infinitesimal.

Try to imagine the space required for such a galaxy of worlds. Space unlimited. But if you find it hard to conceive of unlimited space, try putting limits on it. What would you have at the end of space? The closest "fixed" star, Alpha Centauri, is so far from the earth that the light that left it five years ago is just now getting here traveling 186 thousand miles per second.

If you conclude, with these facts before you, that no intelligence was required to produce and arrange all this; that no power was needed to "wind" this gigantic clock and keep it running; that all this is the result of blind chance, then don't you smile indulgently at some poor soul if he should tell you that Hamlet was not written by Shakespeare at all, but was the result of an explosion in a print shop.

Truth Magazine VII: 8, pp. 20, 24
May 1963