Sickness, Sadness

C. D. Plum
Paden City, West Virginia

1. Our daughter is too sick to stay alone. My wife must be with her. My wife, our son Russell, and I cannot continue to live apart from her.

2. We must complete a large room on my son-in-law's house, and move in, storing the rest of the furniture, by July 1, 1963. We have no choice.

3. Also, we must C. D. Plum make application for Social Security in January 1964. Again, we have no choice.

4. We must cancel our promise to labor at Elizabeth, W. Va. beginning July 1, 1963. Elizabeth understood from the beginning this might have to be done because of sickness.

Intending to move to Elizabeth July 1, 1963, I only engaged the following meetings definitely for the last six months of 1963: Elyria, Ohio Sept. 1-11; Uhricksville. Ohio Sept. 29 to Oct. 4; Akron, Ohio (S.E.) Oct. 27 to Nov. 6.

So, I need more meetings, and Lord's day appointments, to fill in the twenty-one unpromised Lord's days in the last half of 1963. I am at the mercy of God, Jesus, and the brethren. Expenses are heavy.

Until July 1, 1963 address me:
Paden City, W. Va.

After July 1, 1963 address me:
Rt. 3, Box 135, Coraopolis, Pa.
% Carl W. Parsons

Truth Magazine VII: 9, pp. 24b
June 1963