Carl E. Finley
Columbus, Ohio

In modern times the word Delilah has become a synonym for treachery and betrayal. In Judges 16 we read the oft-repeated story of Samson's betrayal to the enemy Philistines by his girl friend Delilah. Samson had been a virtual one man army to fight against the Philistines who had long been the enemy of God's people. It is difficult for us to conceive of Carl Finley one being as treacherous as Delilah. Pretending to love Samson, she persuaded him to reveal the secret of his gargantuan strength to her, which information she quickly relayed to the enemy. Samson's downfall came as a result of his confiding in a supposed friend.

Intoxicating liquor is a modern Delilah and the one in which I am especially interested in this article. Millions of people have been betrayed by this Delilah, not only those who so lovingly embraced her and trusted her, but many also who were innocent victims.

Delilah and "Uncle Sam"

In several respects "Uncle Sam", our nation, is comparable to Samson, who was betrayed by Delilah. This is especially true as we think of physical strength and might. Sampson had long been feared by his enemies because of his prowess and herculean strength. Our own "Uncle Sam" is regarded by most people as the most invincible power extant, from a military point of view. But with all his vaunted power and strength he has been made to suffer needlessly because of Delilah. Even as she betrayed Samson, so has she betrayed "Uncle Sam."

I have in my scrapbook several newspaper and magazine clippings describing the awful debacle in Hawaii on so-called Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1941. I also am personally acquainted with some of the personnel who were stationed in Pearl Harbor that day. I wonder how many of the American people remember that it was the modern Delilah who was responsible for much of the awful destruction wreaked upon our military and civilian population that day? Let me quote from a magazine clipping:

"The night before Pearl Harbor, spirits were in high gear in Hawaii. Fifty-four percent of the legal liquor joints were owned by the Japanese, and their assignment was to seek to paralyze, stupefy and demoralize America's defenders. Alcohol was their weapon. Japanese bartenders graciously distributed free drinks with the compliments of Hirohito.

It was just after payday. Life was gay! The 493 outlets for the sale of liquor, in the city and rural areas, were enjoying maximum trade. The thousands of defense workers, as well as Army and Navy enlisted personnel crowded the taverns and night spots of the city. Many became intoxicated and were taken back to the respective organization."

It is a matter of record that our military men were not in fit condition that fateful morning adequately to meet the situation. As always, the innocent had to suffer with the guilty. There are those who have tried to suppress the news of our stupor and unpreparedness at Pearl Harbor, but to suppress it is but to give aid to Delilah. She had done her dastardly work: she had prepared the way for the enemy to make its surprise attack. As a result our navy was dealt a devastating blow. Hundreds of lives were lost. A great enigma to our military leaders is why the Japanese did not follow their initial attack at Pearl Harbor with successive attacks since they had the advantage of surprise in their favor. Why did the Japanese suddenly retreat when they had our military forces reeling under their initial surprise attack? After the war was over, military leaders admitted that if the Japanese had followed through with immediate and successive waves of attack the outcome of the war might have been vastly different. As devastating as the attack was, it could have been worse. We have Delilah to thank for much of this irreparable damage and sorrow.

Still leafing through my scrapbook. I find this magazine article of several years ago:

"As the war progressed and the fighting spread around the world, attention was turned to Africa, Egypt and Italy. On December 16th, 1943, American newspapers carried these front-page headlines: 'Nazis Sink 17 Allied Ships in Italian Port, Loss is Worst Since Pearl Harbor.' There were pictures of a smoke beclouded port choked with burning and blazing warships. A subhead stated: '35 to 40 German Planes Caught Vessels Like Sitting Ducks; Casualties Total 1000.'

"The accompanying article stated that the debacle had occurred on December 2nd, in the Italian Adriatic port of Dari, which was a major supply center for the British Eighth Army, fighting its way up the east coast of Italy. It was divulged that the Allies had no air coverage when the thirty-five to forty German bombers sunk seventeen ships, damaged many more United Nations vessels, killing a thousand men among whom were thirty-seven of our Navy personnel, and escaped 'scot free.'

"Do you know what happened the night before that debacle took place7 The Chicago Tribune and the Nashville Banner of December 6, carried an illuminating article, which was captioned: 'War Chiefs at Big Party in Jerusalem.' It declared: 'Chiefs of the combined British and American general staffs.... took a day off and had themselves a time. The entire King David Hotel (Jerusalem) was taken over. Choice foods and liquors including vintage wines and rare brandy, were brought up from Cairo, and the Generals and Admirals spent a day and a night of relaxing, dancing and sightseeing.' The article explains that seventeen general staff members, with numerous aids were flown from North Africa, and the party lasted until 2 a. m. the morning of the 2nd, which was spent in sightseeing in the city of Jerusalem. That was the very day on which the German planes swooped down on Bari, Italy sank seventeen ships, damaged many more, killed a thousand men and flew away. Draw your own conclusions."

Thus it is evident that Delilah was still alive and quite active. When, Oh When, will people awaken to her treachery and subtlety? ii 1 How long will she be accepted and lovingly embraced by our society?

Delilah and Drivers

Here are some more facts concerning Delilah, which indicate that she is still very much alive and active. I recently had a conversation with a man who was president of the Driver's Education Organization in Ohio. He had just returned from a meeting in which he had heard lectures by State Highway Patrolmen and other law enforcement officers. In their lectures they revealed that a very high percentage of accidents on the highway are caused by liquor--the modern Delilah. The percentage may run as high as ninety percent. One officer stated that it is a difficult matter legally to prove that a mangled and decapitated body had been under the influence of liquor. He further stated that nothing could be gained by advertising such matters in the newspaper accounts of the accidents. He said the average citizen would be astounded if he knew what the police know about the tremendous number of accidents in which alcohol is involved. Even one glass of beer will often embolden a driver to drive faster and take chances that he would not otherwise take. The driver may not have been drunk, but that one glass of beer may have been the factor which caused the accident. Such is the report of those who constantly study such matters.

In a recent year the people of these United States paid out four billion dollars for liquor, slightly over three billion dollars was spent for schools and education.

Delilah and Washington

Although Delilah can be found energetically working in about all parts of the world, one of her favorite rendezvous is Washington D. C. It is a matter of record that five times as much liquor is consumed in Washington as in any other place of comparable size in the world. That is the seat of our federal government. Could it be that Delilah has designs upon our Senators, Representatives and other diplomats?

Truth Magazine VII: 10, pp. 5-6, 24
July 1963