Interested in Teaching?

Earl Robertson
Birmingham, Alabama

I am sure from the way that you have responded to our appeals that you are very interested in teaching the word of God. We appreciate very much the wonderful acceptance of our plans, on your part, in the promotion of the truth through the pages of Truth Magazine. Many who have bought a subscription for themselves have liked and enjoyed it so much that they have subscribed for others. Then these have done the same thing. This is what makes the Magazine grow, and too, those who read it grow in knowledge.

While it is true that many preachers who love the truth have worked diligently for this Magazine and their efforts are very rewarding, yet we do not want to overlook the fact that many elders of the churches have also worked and are still working very hard to get people to buy this paper and study it. These elders have not been carried away with some high-pressure scheme causing them to be interested in getting Truth Magazine into the homes around them, but because of the meat of truth in the paper. For this we are thankful. Elders realizing their duty to feed the flock, will feed it truth (Jno. 8:32); nourish it with sound doctrine (1 Tim. 1:10; 4:6); thus causing the flock to adorn the doctrine of God and the Saviour (Titus 2:10). Too many flocks have been fed with trash, and as a result these have in many places lost their identity. We want you to know that we truly thank you for the reason that you have an interest in this paper. Those of you who have been reading this Magazine and believe that it sets forth the truth of God in its articles, but have not as yet asked others to subscribe to it, we would appreciate your doing so now, please.

We have many things to offer that makes the paper beneficial to you. We usually have approximately fifteen articles in each issue setting forth Bible truth on a certain subject. In addition to that we have about two pages of News Briefs by Guy Roberson, telling of meetings, debates, new radio programs and the establishment of new congregations over the world. Too, we have a page of ads of churches; a directory of congregations, their meeting places and times of services. Then, too, we have a number of Bible Study Materials for class use, etc. We also have advertisements of tracts and any book which is in print. We offer fast service on all of this. Patronize TRUTH MAGAZINE services.

Truth Magazine VII: 11, pp. 1a
August 1963